August 26, 2008

McGee, Sherman seeing relationship grow

The relationship between Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee and former head coach Dennis Franchione was never hidden. But it wasn't until midway through the 2007 season that it went public in a big way.

McGee, always a staunch supporter of Franchione to anyone who had anything crass to say about the former Aggie boss, organized a mass showing of support for Franchione on Oct. 2, 2007 during the regularly schedule media luncheon. McGee led players into Hagler Auditorium where they stood in applause for Franchione as he entered the room. The press conference was the first since a secret e-mail newsletter from Franchione to boosters was discovered.

But with Franchione out and Mike Sherman in as coach of the Aggies, the transition not just in coaching staffs but also of McGee's relationship with his new coach was brought into question. Between McGee and Sherman, however, nothing transpired except for a blossoming relationship between quarterback and head coach.

"I think any coach that comes in here wants to earn the respect of the players, and he told me from the first time that I'm going to have to buy in and trust what they're doing here," McGee said. "Not only did we buy into it because that's what he said, but we saw it out of him. I think he's done a great job in getting guys to buy into what he's doing here and the respect that he has when he walks in the room, when he tells a players to do something it gets done. That's pretty awesome. He's done a couple jobs of getting guys to buy in and develop that relationship. If you take care of business he's also a guy that likes to have fun and cut up a little bit."

The relationship between McGee and Sherman didn't start off perfect, however. When Sherman was first hired and made his way to College Station, he requested a meeting with McGee after getting a weird look from him in the hallway.

What transpired became the foundation of the relationship seen today, which is one that is noticeably loose and comfortable.

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