September 3, 2008

Why Baker pulled the trigger

Though Troy Baker has yet to receive any official scholarship offers in the mail, now that September 1st has rolled around, it's only a matter of time before they begin rolling in.

"I haven't received anything official yet, as NCAA rules don't allow official offers through mail until September 1st," said Baker. "So this week will be exciting. Tech and Baylor have both said for me to be expecting one in this first week."

The massive tackle, who recently gave Texas Tech a verbal commitment, has the requisite frame (6-foot-7) to play in Tech's spread offense.

"I do think it'll benefit me," he answered when asked about his frame. "Tech's offensive line traditionally has huge splits, and goes 1 on 1 in some/most blocking schemes from what I've seen, so I do think my wing span will definitely help."

But Tech isn't the only school that's looking for an athletic, 6-foot-7, 300-pound offensive tackle.

"Thus far, Texas Tech, Baylor, and Texas A&M are showing the most interest ," he said. "UT and OU have recently jumped in the picture, and TCU, SMU, Houston, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Colorado, and LSU have all sent some sort of mail."

Though he may eventually include a few more schools in his travel plans, he's only looked into officially visiting three schools this year.

"I am scheduled to take the trip to Lubbock November 1st to see UT @ Tech," said the Waco native. "I am going to see if I can get something together at A&M and possibly Baylor, but when Baylor has home games, I work concession stands for some quick cash during the season since it's pretty tough to hold a job with practice and the whole nine yards."

However, the November visit will not be his first time in the Hub City. As a matter of fact, he's been to Lubbock a couple of times, and the level of comfort derived from those visits played a role in his decision to commit to the Red Raiders.

"So far, it just seems like the right place," he explained. "I was definitely comfortable up there this summer while at the camp, I've been to two games about 4 or 5 years ago, and enjoyed the game day atmosphere. Tech has some true fans, and the overall attitude about football is pretty cool. Also, my brother graduated from Tech in May of 2008, so in his 5 years being there, it definitely got me a little hooked. My brother started in the Fall of 2003 and finished in May of 2008. He is who I went to the Iowa State game with in 2003, I think it was B.J. (Symons) at QB that year, it was the same game where when he celebrated he ended up hurting his leg somewhat. And in 2004 we went to the Oklahoma State game around Thanksgiving."

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