September 3, 2008

2010 Texas Receiver is a Rare Breed

It seems impossible but every so often an occasion comes along that a wide receiver isn't aware of just how talented he is, and better yet doesn't feel the need to make everyone else aware of it. One prime example is Midlothian, Texas potential star Eddie Johnson who showed up at both Oklahoma and Texas' summer camps and was impressive.

At 6-foot-3 and 194-pounds Johnson didn't take long to notice in Norman; his athleticism and performance made him seem even bigger. Johnson was quite pleased with his performance, particularly in Norman.

"I think I did have my best performance up there. I went out there and just did what the coaches told me," Johnson said. "That was my first time in Oklahoma, I always wanted to go there and check it out.

"I was talking to Bryce Petty was telling me about it and I decided to go with him. I really liked it down there."

At the camp he spent a lot of time with Oklahoma receivers coach Jay Norvell, who in spite of some reports did not tell Johnson he had an offer but was clear that the chance to coach the 2010 prospect down the road was an idea he was quite open to.

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