September 5, 2008

PT's Column: 2008 Quarterback Checklist

Former Seminole quarterback Peter Tom Willis will write a column every week for breaking down the Seminole football team. He will also be available to answer fan questions on the Tribal Council message board.

The season is a day away and once again the position everyone is talking about is quarterback. There is no doubt that the quarterback is and always will be the focal point of the football team. Football will always be the ultimate team game with 11 guys working together on the field to be successful. However, everyone knows the quarterback touches the ball every play, makes decisions on where the ball is going, puts the offense in the right or wrong play, protects the football (hopefully), and is the coach on the field. All you have to do is look at successful teams and look at their quarterback play. Some teams have been successful without a great quarterback but usually in this instance, the signal caller is great at protecting the football and managing the game.

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