September 22, 2008

Q & A with offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey

Mississippi State offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey met with select memebers of the media following Monday's practice.

The following is the verbatim question and answer exchange between the media and McCorvey.

Q: After looking at the film from Saturday, kinda assess what happened.

McCorvey: Well one thing we've got to do, we gotta score. That's plain simple. We've gotta score when we get down there and when we're getting that close we've got get the ball in the end zone. Football is a game of momentum and emotions OK. They scored and we take that one down and get it in, we've probably got a chance. And that's the thing we've got to do. We can't keep beating ourselves. We had a bad snap the next series and then after that we had the two interceptions. I want the quarterbacks aggressive. I want them aggressive but we've got to be smart too. When you get opportunities down there, look at it. If you don't have it, dump it off. Take the loss and dump it off. Next.

Q: What's in store for this week, changes or anything, or just sticking with what you've been doing or what?

McCorvey: Well the biggest thing is you just can't throw everything away. You've got to look and evaluate to see what you've been doing good and then you've got to put emphasis on that. That's what we did yesterday and today. We went back four games and looked to see what we are really doing good, where we were having some success and that's what we are going to have to do.

Q: What are your impressions of the quarterbacks after Saturday?

McCorvey: Well, you know both of them went in and did some good things. I thought both of them threw the ball well. We talk about we want to complete 60-percent. I think Wes (db]Carroll[/db]) was 63, Tyson (db]Lee/db]) was 62. Overall, we were 62 but we've got to eliminate the interceptions. That's the bottom line. You've got to eliminate the things that you are doing to hurt yourself. Right now, that's what we've got to get Wes to do. Tyson is doing a pretty good job of taking care of the football but there are some other things that he is not doing that ya'll don't see and that some other people don't see that we've got to get him where he is up to par and where he can get in there and play a little bit more than what he is.

Q: You say that you want to go back and emphasize the things that you are doing well, without giving away the specific gameplan I under stand, what are the things that you do well?

McCorvey: We've been getting the ball to Brandon McRae are some of the things we've been doing. A lot of the underneath stuff to Aubrey (Bell), we've been doing good on that. We've got to continue to do that and look at other ways, other formations to get into so you're not giving away what you are doing every time. And then the other thing is get somebody else involved to make a play. I thought we did that with Robert Elliott. But hopefully we can get Delmon Robinson in the mix where he knows what he is doing, where he can get out there to play too. Because the kid has ability enough to do it, we've just got to make sure when he is in there that he knows what he is doing where he can go out and then execute.

Q: Where is your confidence level with the offensive line right now? Coach (Sylvester) Croom talked about it being a tough transition for them.

McCorvey said: Well it has been. We haven't been as dominant you know at some positions like we've been in the past. Right now, one of the things J.B. (Grimes)is talking about and what we've talked about to have success is pass protection because we have taken some hits and had some sacks and those things. And then the other thing, running the football. Running the football. That's what's amazing. You know we wan to be a good running football team but we have not been able to run the ball as well as we have in the past. And right now we are ahead in the passing game instead of the running game.

Q: In particular with the running game in short yardage situations, are you kind of you know, place that right now?

McCorvey: Well, probably all ya'll think it's the same play. It's not the same play that's been run. But we are going to have to look at some things and address some things, probably open up the sets where we are not doing the same, sitting in those sets all the time. We're probably going to have to open up some of those things too, spread some people out you know like we did on the goal line when Robert scored.

Q: How has the loss of Marcus Green affected what you wanted to do in the packages?

McCorvey: It affected us quite a bit because of the speed that he has in being able to get down the middle of the defense. That hurt because the other guys, they can't do that and that's why we've been using sometimes four wide receiver sets, getting one of those guys in there to be able to do what he's been doing. And then what you get into when you use those guys, if you use them enough, you're limited on how much you can do it because you don't wanna run 'em and wear them down.

Q: Was there any thought on that third and inches anything besides giving to (Anthony)Dixon? A sneak? A fake? A keeper there?

McCorvey: We want to give the ball to the best back. Normally that's what you do. And um, after it was over, yeah, there's probably some other things that I would've liked to done and that we would have liked to done. But you want your best back with the football and that's what we did.

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