September 24, 2008

Kahlil Bell hopes to go

The Bruins could use the leadership and aggressive running style that has been missing since Kahlil Bell went down with an ankle injury in the first quarter of the Tennessee game on September 1st. Bell practiced yesterday in hope that he will be ready for Fresno State and talked with the media about his injury and the Bruins.

How are you?

Bell: "I'm cool. I'm fine, but during the 15 minute special teams period it (ankle) kind of stiffened up, but Rome wasn't built in a day so I'm trying to get ready for Saturday and not Tuesday's practice. I felt good."

How was your cutting ability, soreness with it when you are cutting?

Bell: "It felt good in the beginning when I was running with the team in team drills and stuff like that. I felt fine. A little sore, but that is to be expected, but like I said once I cooled off and stopped running on it like that it kind of stiffened up, but that is to be expected with an ankle injury. If you don't keep it warm, it's going to stiffen up, with any injury.

"My focus is just going to be to keep continuing to get rehab and to keep continuing to progress every single day and come Saturday be ready to go."

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