September 25, 2008

Pre-Colorado Q&A: Fisher on the offense

Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher spoke with the media after Thursday's practice. The following is a transcript of that conversation:

Q: Coach Bowden said things seemed to be progressing well.

A: Yeah, things are better. They've responded very well. I hope we can take it to the field. It's just a matter of getting some confidence. When they realized the mistakes that were made and that they are fixable -- you give credit to Wake because Wake did a great job -- but we put ourselves behind the 8-ball with penalties and turnovers and when we had good plays, we had four or five good runs of 12 or 15 yards called back. We just didn't execute, but it's fixable, and hopefully we'll have the poise to do it in a football game.

We need to have balance. Anything you do you need to have balance and we were behind the chains so daggone much that we put the quarterbacks in situations where they're trying to make plays down the field and it's tough.

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