October 3, 2008

Gregory-McGhee vill Visit TCU

When the Horned Frogs go out of state in search of a prospect, it's obvious that they think very highly of the young man. With so much talent in the state of Texas, it's hard to fathom a time where the need would arise to look elsewhere. That all sounds well and good but when the prospect is Cherokee Trail athleteKendall Gregory-McGhee, you make every effort to sign the young man.

It's no secret that it will be a fight for the Frogs to obtain his services. With multiple schools after the talented prospect, TCU will have to make quite an impression on his visit to haul in the Colorado star. PurpleMenace.Com caught up with Kendall to get his thoughts on the recruiting process.

"It's going pretty good right now. I have the same offers but Arizona State is really showing me a lot of interest now" said Gregory-McGhee. "They haven't offered but I've been talking to them quite a bit, I do have an interest in them."

In an article written last week, Gregory-McGhee mentioned that a few schools stood out to him at this point. Minnesota, TCU and Colorado were the programs mentioned that had caught his eye. So, is a visit to TCU a done deal?

"Yes sir, I am going to visit, I just don't know when yet. I've been talking to coach Williamson and we've been trying to figure out when the best time would be" said Gregory-McGhee.

With a visit to Minnesota scheduled for this weekend, the Cherokee Trail prospect should have a little better idea if the Gophers will make the cut.

TCU is known for fielding an agressive defense that flies to the ball and with athletes all over the field, the Frogs give opposing offenses fits. With a player of Gregory-McGhee's build and make-up, it's easy to see the multi-talented star chasing down quarterbacks from the defensive end position. Having said that, tight end or wide receiver are options as well. With the versitility that Gregory-McGhee brings to the table, the options are endless.

With so much competition for Gregory-McGhee, what stands out about TCU for the Colorado native to show so much interest?

"TCU is one of the main schools that I'm looking into because I'm trying to find a school that has a strong academic program and of course, a good athletic program" said the Cherokee Trail star. "I look forward to getting down there for a visit."

With football season nearing the halfway point, has the Aurora, Colorado play maker thought about a decision date?

"I will probably decide sometime between football season and basketball season" said Gregory-McGhee. "I still want to visit a few schools."

Stay tuned to PurpleMenace.Com as we keep you updated on Gregory-McGhee's recruitment and the recruitment of other Horned Frog targets.

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