October 8, 2008

10 Thoughts

The chill is finally in the air, the leaves are changing colors and we have another bye week. Ugh! We all really wish there was a game this week, especially after the great win at North Carolina State. We are relegated to digest political debates and baseball playoffs. It could be worse...oh yeah the market dropped 500 more points.

1. The air assault was the theme last week going into the game and offensive coordinator Steve Logan and quarterback Chris Crane did not disappoint. Over 400 yards passing and 5 TDs. Great performance, great effort, great game plan.

2. A road win in the ACC is hard to come by, this game and the team performance will provide confidence going into the home tilt versus Virginia Tech. BC will be facing another mobile quarterback in Tyrod Taylor next week. Containing Russell Wilson was good practice for the BC defense when they face the more seasoned Taylor. BC's defense will need to continue to improve and will probably implement a spy to help contain the VT defense.

3. Special teams gave BC moments they would like to forget but also a moment they would always remember. The fake punt was executed perfectly, don't be surprised to see another fake on either a field goal or another punt before the season is over. Kickoff coverage is a different story. If placekicker Billy Bennett is going to put the ball to the goal line, the coverage team must stay in their lanes. Special teams is VT's identity so hopefully BC can correct this and not fall victim.

4. The return of the receivers was exciting to see. The unit as a whole ran good routes, caught the ball and turned upfield for yards-after-the-catch (YAC). The receivers will need to continue to contribute for BC in order for them to become a contender for the Atlantic Division title.

5. Gametime for Virginia Tech has been announced for 8PM next Saturday night. This will be the fourth consecutive night game against the Hokies. I expect Alumni to be rocking by gametime. With the three-hour tailgate rule in effect it should give plenty of time for fans to be present for Eagle Walk and for the stadium to be full by kickoff.

6. Will Dominique Davis get some much-needed snaps during the VT game? Crane was on a roll in the first half and his emergence and the efficiency of the offense did not lend itself to an opportunity to get the underclassman in the game. I expect with the game being at Alumni and with coach Jeff Jagodzinski wanting to get his younger players some experience in big spots Davis should get about 10-15 snaps. It would be great if Davis gets a series and is able to move the ball for a drive. VT's defense might be young but is still formidable.

7. Matt Ryan continues to impress. No one thought he would be helping the Atlanta Falcons to a 3-2 start, especially winning at Lambeau Field. I know it has been posted and discussed in length but if you haven't already heard or seen Jo Lonn Dunbar's block to spring Reggie Bush on his punt return from Monday Night's game you must find it on the NFL.com. It was a complete de-cleater.

8. The BC team is a bit of a chameleon. One week running for 200 yards, the next passing for 400. One thing for sure is that the offensive line is emerging as a strong unit. The unit is young and will continue to improve. How they improve this week and gameplan for VT will be interesting. Last season BC had to muddle through torrential rains but in Jacksonville under ideal conditions was able to move the ball with quick slants between the 20's. How BC can balance the run with the pass will allow them to move the ball inside the 20's in this contest.

9. With BC receiving its two bye weeks early it will provide them with fresh legs come next week but the tough part of the schedule is here. There are no more patsies and a tremendous effort will be needed in each game. At 4-1, with seven games remaining you would expect BC to become bowl eligible but I'd rather take each game individually. The ACC is getting national recognition recently due to their strong and balanced conference; bowl bids will be very competitive it will be fun the next two months to see where teams end up.

10. After beating NC State and Tom O'Brien it can clearly be seen that Coach Jags utilizes his talent differently than the old BC coach. While I applaud TOB and his efforts here at BC I am very proud and confident with Coach Jags. Our offensive gameplan is not the same every game. We utilize depth more, we play with a different pace. We are a different BC team than we were two years ago and we will be a different team next season as well. Thank You TOB for your years of service, you got us out of the basement of the Big East but it couldn't be more evident that this team no longer has TOB's thumbprint.

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