October 11, 2008

CK talks UCLA

Following the loss to USC, the Ducks return home to face the UCLA Bruins. Duck Sports Authority caught up with Oregon offensive coordinator Chip Kelly to discuss the upcoming game. Included are selected quotes and the audio file of the interview.

On what the offense needs to focus on for UCLA

You can't dig yourselves holes against good football teams. We need to clean up things, whether it's the penalties or turnovers on the offensive side of the ball and that's where we're really trying to focus on at this point in time. It's not like you're going to put in new schemes whether it's UCLA or Washington State. We're going to do what we do. We just need to do it a lot cleaner.

On how to coach ball security during the season

You look at where was the ball when you fumbled it and how did you fumble it. Was it a great play by the DB? Was the ball getting extended away from your body? If it is extended away from your body, are we doing enough from a fundamentals standpoint and staying on top of that to make sure that stuff doesn't happen. Sometimes it's kind of like you fix it with one kid but then it kind of slacks in another. You need to constantly stay on it.

On what UCLA does well on defense

You just hearken back to the game last year. They were the only team to shut us out. Dwayne Walker does a great job. They're very athletic and they play a lot more man coverage than other people play because they feel they have the people play them. They really turn the game into one-on-one battles. Your receivers have to win out wide because they're going to be covered one-on-one.

On last year's UCLA game

Last year, they kicked our tails. They won all the one-on-one battles. We didn't get free and when we did get free we dropped the ball or we didn't put the ball on him. When the line did a good job and opened a lane, the safety fitted in for a two yard gain because the running back or the quarterback couldn't make somebody miss.

On UCLA's interior defense

They've got two very good defensive linemen, Brigham Harwell and Brian Price are two of the best defensive tackles you're going to see. They don't have Bruce Davis who was the defensive end before, but they have two high motor kids out there. They're solid up there. They do a nice job of scheming things up and always trying to have an unblocked kid somewhere, so someone is going to have to make a play.

Click this LINK to listen to the the UCLA portion of the interview between DSA's A.J. Jacobson and Chip Kelly.

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