February 13, 2009

Evans seeing improvement through redshirt year

MADISON, Wis. - Freshman Ryan Evans made it clear he intended to redshirt during the early stages of the season. Now, with only six games left in regular season play, he has been through a large majority of a college basketball season.

At the conclusion of Thursday night's practice, BadgerBlitz.com caught up with the 6-foot-6 swingman from Arizona. The following is a question and answer with Evans.

It's been a while since I've met with you, so I figured I would ask how the season is going for you?

Evans: It's going good. I'm improving, working on ball handling, shooting, you know, just working on the all-around game. It's going real well so far.

You made it known early on that you intended to redshirt. Now, being a member of the scout team, do you embrace your role in that situation?

Evans: Yeah, you got to take it with pride somewhat. You got to go out there and give our team the look of the other team. Just go out there and go hard everyday so they can get a look by simulating the other team that's playing.

Is it kind of hard to simulate the other team?

Evans: It is, it is. It's real tough because you're constantly changing offenses and that type of thing. You can't really get in the rhythm. It's tough to get in a rhythm, but then again, you can do it somewhat.

You said it's tough to get into a rhythm, but is it tough to find a balance between playing the style of the other team while trying to hone your skills as well?

Evans: Yeah, that's the toughest part of it, trying to simulate somebody else. You do it and you try to do it your best and once again, try to give your team a look. I mean, we've been benefiting from that obviously.

With the regular season winding down, how would you say you have improved from day one of practice to today?

Evans: Probably just being able to read offenses and that type of thing, getting stronger, you know, every aspect of the game I'm improving on. So I should be ready to go next year.

Are you feeling pretty comfortable within the offense when you get a chance to run the swing?

Evans: Well when we get the chance to run the swing, I feel pretty confident. We get a chance to run it during the year so I feel more confident in the swing obviously. But, the other team's offenses, I struggle with, but once you get them down, like anything, they go.

From your perspective, how would you say your shot has progressed? Especially with the speed of these guys and the size factor as well.

Evans: You got to get out there every day and simulate the game speed. That's one thing when you come out in practice on your own, you've got to simulate game speed. So, my shot? It's coming around.

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