February 20, 2009

Boisture would like to make early decision

Although it's early in the 2010 recruiting process, the Wisconsin coaching staff has already extended four scholarship offers at the quarterback position, a list that includes Joe Boisture, Robert Bolden, A.J. Derby and Devin Gardner.

Wednesday night, BadgerBlitz.com caught up with Boisture to discuss the Badgers and his plans for the future.

The following is a question and answer segment with the 6-foot-6, 202-pound quarterback from Saline, Mich.

Is Wisconsin still actively recruiting you?

Boisture: Yeah, definitely. Coach Del (DelVaughn Alexander) has been to my school three times already. He came to one of my games last year. Also, Coach (Paul) Chryst stopped by with Coach Del a few times. Coach Del and I shoot emails back and forth pretty much every day. I have yet to make it down to Madison, but hopefully I can soon.

Do you know anything about Wisconsin's program? Any ties to the university?

Boisture: When I think of Wisconsin I think of toughness. They've had some big, tough players. It's kind of chilly there, so that just blends in with toughness. Actually, Zac Matthias broke my elbow. He's going to Wisconsin. That's about my only tie to Wisconsin.

Do you plan on attending Wisconsin's junior day next month?

Boisture: Coach Del and I haven't really talked about that yet. Honestly, our emails are just about everyday life. He checks in on me to see how I'm doing. I've been real busy lately, too. I was in Pittsburgh and just got back from Boston last night. I'm going to Cincinnati this weekend, so I plan on taking a small break after that visit. Just for about two weeks, then I'll get back into it. This whole recruiting process gets long.

Could you expand on the visits you've already taken?

Boisture: Well, Pittsburgh was real fun. I met the whole coaching staff including Coach Dave Wannstedt. The only person I didn't meet was the new offensive coordinator who they just hired. I'll probably talk to him in the next few days. From Pittsburgh I flew to Boston. It's a great city, the campus is beautiful. I got back last night and will be flying to Cincinnati on the 22nd. Every college seems to be great. There are a lot of great coaches, campuses and atmospheres. It's going to be tough to decide on just one.

You live in the state of Michigan. Could you touch on some of those schools? Do you favor any of the in-state schools?

Boisture: Central Michigan actually offered me last night. They were the first in-state school to do it. I actually spoke with Coach (Mark) Dantonio today for about 25 minutes, he's in Puerto Rico. He wanted me to give him a call. He said the recruiting process is a lot slower for the quarterback position. He wants to meet with my family and then get me on campus.

I'm a Michigan State guy. My grandfather coached there and my uncle went there. I obviously have some ties to the school, but they haven't offered me yet. I doubt I'll get much interest from Michigan due to their offensive scheme. I don't really feel much pressure to attend an in-state school because every school that has offered me is only four hours away. Either way I'll be close to home.

For those who don't know much about you could you give us a few attributes that make you a successful quarterback?

Boisture: Personally, I think I make real good decisions. I only threw five interceptions last year. I think I have a strong arm and I can make all kinds of throws. Throwing on the run is one of the better things I do and I'm listed as a pro-style quarterback.

Do you plan on attending and camps or combines?

Boisture: Last year I went to a Nike Elite 11 camp. Also, I spent a couple days at Purdue. I'm looking to commit early. I feel that camps are for exposure purposes and if I don't get the ride I'm looking for maybe I'll go and get some extra exposure.

With that said, do you plan on graduating early?

Boisture: I'm really not sure right now. I was just putting together next year's courses and I'm able to graduate early if necessary. It's something I'd have to sit down and talk about more with my parents. It has its pros and it has its cons. It would be great to get spring ball under my belt, but I'd just be turning 18. I'd still be just a teenager going off to college. It all depends how things weigh out and what our family decides.

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