March 23, 2009

J Smooth continues to help Baylor

Over the last four years, no one wearing a green and gold jersey has earned more respect than Jason Smith.

Just by watching the big man interact at spring practice, it's easy to see that he's rightfully earned his teammates' utmost respect. After all, he has locked down one of the toughest positions in one of the toughest conferences for an incredible four years straight.

His All-Big 12 honors prove that he's earned the conference's respect, not to mention that of the conference's defensive ends.

And with word that Detroit might very well take him at No. 1, there's no doubt he's earned the respect of the nation, both for him and for the Baylor program.

Even now, with his college days all but over, Smith's quest for respect continues. This time, however, the former Baylor tackle isn't looking for the respect of national pundits or NFL scouts. Instead, Jason Smith has been busy earning the respect of a very special high school tackle by the name of Troy Baker.

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