April 10, 2009

VIDEO: Ringer expects to be taken on first day

EAST LANSING - Javon Ringer drew a slightly smaller crowd following Thursday's spring football practice than he did for most post-practice interviews when he was the starting running back for the Spartans.

But Ringer still drew a sizeable and as he walked off the practice field, the 2008 Doak Walker Award finalist joked that he thought the Spartan press corps was just coming up to him and saying, hi, for old time's sake.

If Ringer is nervous about the rapidly approaching NFL draft, he didn't let on. Ringer says that he is at peace with the process and is not letting the draft get him too high or too low.

"It is a long process," said Ringer of the draft. "It has not overwhelmed me at all. I am pretty much same-old, same-old, the only difference for me is that I am working out by myself now. Other than that, everything is kind of simple for me.

"A lot of it, if you really thought about it, would be kind of nerve wracking because you have no idea where you would go, but that is what I would think it would be like for other people. For me, I am fine. I just know that wherever I am going to go is going to the right place for me and hopefully I will be there for a long period of time. I will just deal with it from there."

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