April 23, 2009

Stroud previews the Seminoles in the NFL draft

Warchant.com sat down with FSU's NFL liaison Todd Stroud on Thursday to get the latest on the Seminole players eligible for this weekend's draft. Here's what Stroud had to say about 11 Seminoles hoping to be selected in the draft:

Everette Brown - 13-30 in the first round It's a mixed bag on Everette. There are a lot of different opinions. Our communication has really been limited because there are so few questions about Everette because he presents himself so well. Usually as the draft gets closer our phone rings off the hook because you have a bunch of GMs and front office people that have a lot of questions about character and about work ethic and those sorts of things. With Everette he's virtually such a great role model and such a squeaky clean guy that after they do their background stuff and their interviews our contact with teams have been limited to individual workouts on campus so we haven't had a whole lot of feedback... With Everette there has been no real communication like most kids that we've had that have gone in the first round, or that I've had at other places. You aren't going to have much communication because there are no kinks in his armor.

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