May 21, 2009

Texas QB looking north?

Spring (TX) Westfield duel-threat quarterback Jacoby Walker is receiving most of his attention from schools in Big 12 country, but one school from the east is interested as well. Syracuse recently came through to offer a scholarship that caught Walker by surprise.

"Syracuse offered me a scholarship about two weeks ago," Walker said. "I thought it was really something that came out of nowhere because I had not talked with any coach from Syracuse or anything like that."

Walker, 6-foot-2, 210 pounds did not hear from the Orange at the time of the offer, but since that happened things have changed.

"I have talked with Coach Elizondo when he came down here for a spring practice," Walker stated. "He was telling me that in the offense they run they need a guy that is real smart to run a no huddle offense. A guy that can do a lot of things like zone reads and throw the ball around."

Aside from what the Orange coaches have told Walker his knowledge of the school is not the greatest. Walker does however know that they have had some solid players.

"I know that they recently got new coaches. I know they have had guys that have made big names for themselves in college and the NFL. They are a well known University."

Texas and New York are not close together, so will the distance of Syracuse University be a problem when it comes to making a decision?

"No I do not think the distance from Texas to Syracuse would be a problem for me at all."

The three star prospect has yet to name a leader or even a few schools that could be sticking out this time, but he did talk about his current interest level in the Orange.

"I would say it is medium because I am not really ready to say anybody is high or not. I am still trying to figure stuff out."

Does Walker have a time frame in mind when he would like t narrow everything down?

"I would like to get things narrowed down soon and try to get it out of the way before my senior season starts. I am aiming to know where I am going to go by the end of the summer."

Despite being interested in the Big East program there are no plans to make a visit to Syracuse anytime soon.

"If I were to go up to Syracuse I would use it as one of my official visits." lists Walker as the 28th best duel-quarterback prospect in the country and he feels that he is in a situation that may make him a better option for a school than another quarterback.

"I fell that my school being an under center pro style type of offense, that might give me more of a jump because most schools down here in Texas are shot gun. I think I have a good advantage because some colleges do a lot of pro style things and I am a good change of pace."

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