June 5, 2009

Finch ready to be a Jacket

Jay Finch will be making the short drive from Kennesaw to the Georgia Tech campus on June 16 to begin his college football career. The versatile lineman is very excited to join the Yellow Jackets and just as excited to begin his college career. In the meantime, he is just trying to enjoy the last week or two of summer he has.

"I have pretty much been doing a lot of running and lifting following the book the coaches gave me when I signed," Finch said. "I have been trying to enjoy the last bit of summer doing some fishing and going to Braves games when it is not pouring rain outside."

Finch like many freshmen across the country is looking forward to the freedom of being a college student on their own for the first time.

"I am really excited about getting on to campus probably more than most of the players coming in," he said. "You should have seen how much my hand was shaking when I signed the letter of intent. I am really excited to be a Yellow Jacket."

Offensive line coach Mike Sewak instructed all of the incoming linemen they would start at center and Finch will be joining fellow freshmen Will Jackson, Raymond Beno and Antonio Foster in those center drills at the start of camp in August.

"Coach Sewak told each lineman will come into camp at center. They want to see if you can handle it and then if that does not work you go anywhere on the offensive line they want."

Finch is a little disappointed about being a fulltime offensive lineman and is hoping to at least get a shot at defensive line during camp.

"I really would love to play defense because that is where my passion is," he said. "I feel like if I have a shot at making a play there, I will make it. I love blowing up the offensive lineman on defense, but I also love knocking a defender on their butt when I am playing offensive line."

Physically Finch is at 275 pounds right now and the coaching staff may put some more weight on him over the summer before fall camp, but he wants to keep his speed which will be a major asset in head coach Paul Johnson's offense.

"My goal is to get bigger, but still run a 4.7 in the 40," he said. "I want to be heavy enough to play guard, but I don't want to be a Buddha with my belly hanging over my pants."

Like many of his incoming 2009 signing classmates, Finch would like to play right away, but he understands if a redshirt is necessary.

"I would love to play right way, but I understand if the coaches want to redshirt me and I don't have a problem with it."

Finch has a current player Phil Smith who he admires and a recently departed player Michael Johnson who he emulates on the field when it is possible.

"At Georgia Tech, I look up to Phil Smith a lot. He was my host for my official visit and unfortunately he wears my number, but I am okay with my new number, 50," Finch said. "Michael Johnson was the man on the Tech defense and he was my idol because of his great balance."

Overall, Finch is ready for the whole college experience from the football practice fields and weight rooms to the college dating scene and living with roommates.

"I am really looking forward to being in college around women and on my own sort of for the first time," he said. "I have roommates, but it is a step closer to living on my own."

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