June 11, 2009

Wynn returns from SU

Piscataway (NJ) Piscataway wide receiver Jawaun Wynn was told by a lot of schools that they want to see him workout. That time has now come as Wynn has started to hit the summer camp circuit. His most recent stop was over the weekend to Syracuse.

"I went up to the Syracuse camp on Sunday," Wynn said. "The camp was real good it was nice to work with the wide receivers coach. The wide receivers coach said I did really well and I should hear from them soon."

Wynn, 6-foot-3, 185 pounds is attending these camps looking for offers. How did he perform at the camp?

"I felt that I played really good. I thought I was attacking the ball at its highest point and I was running my routes smoothly, creating separation. It was good."

After camp Syracuse told Wynn they would be in touch. Does that mean an offer could be on the way?

"I do not know about offer wise, but just to get back to me. If they want to offer then they would let me know later. They tapped the whole camp and they are going to see how I did. The wide receivers coach said I did well and that's a positive for me."

The trip to Syracuse was not the first for Wynn as he attended a junior day at the school and each time he has come away liking the school more and more.

"Well I went down there for the junior day and I really liked it. The coaching staff and all that I liked. I know they have good academics. If you get something from Syracuse it's big."

"On the junior day I liked everything basically like the facilities and the weight room complex and it is a very nice environment," Wynn stated. "My favorite part was just interacting with the coaches and everything and getting to know them and seeing what they are really about."

Will Wynn be making a third trip to Syracuse in the future?

"I will probably visit them again if they do offer me. If they do offer me I will probably visit again during the season."

Other than Syracuse a handful of teams want to look more at the prospect and he thinks one is on the verge of offering.

"I think Temple could offer. I have been down there and I won the wide receiver award at the one day camp. Coach D'Onofrio he tells me all the time that I did real well so hopefully I get something out of that. The other camps I am going to are Connecticut and Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh said that they are really excited for me to come down and that they want to see me perform. The same thing goes for Boston College and Connecticut. They all want to see me."

Even though he does not carry any offers from a BCS school he has a top five and he will be auditioning for all the schools.

"My top five right now I would say like Temple, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Boston College."

If those five schools do not come in with an offer Wynn has a back up school in Bryant. With that being his only option at this time he is willing to wait out the process.

"I would like to decide midseason or if I get something early maybe by the end of the summer around August or September."

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