August 6, 2009

2010 commits excited to be back in Iowa City

This was the first trip back to Iowa City since they committed for Ben Brust and Roy Marble Jr. and if they had their way, they wouldn't be heading home for their senior year of high school. The 2010 commits talk about their experience at the Iowa Elite Camp the past two days, how they group of commits spent time together on their visit, and the excitement they have about being part of the Iowa Basketball program.

Q: Talk about the just completed July AAU period. You guys struggled early and then got it going late in Orlando with a real nice run in two tournaments.

BRUST: Yeah, we went 1-4 in our own building and as you can imagine, Coach Winestein wasn't too happy. We had three really tough practices before we left for Orlando. We played Team Final and a team from Alabama and went 2-1 in our pool and drew All Ohio Red in the first playoff game and they have been the best team this summer. We had played them three times in the spring and had been up in all three games and in those games they just took over because they are so deep and can roll in so many guys. It was a great game and we beat them. It wasn't a clean game because it was sloppy, but we just kept playing and got them. It was one of their few losses all year. Then we played B-More Elite with Will Barton and we beat them by 20. That was a good win. Then we played Austin Rivers and EachOneTeachOne and they are a real good team. We were up in the 4th quarter and Austin hit a three and they went up. Then Alex Rossi hit a three at the buzzer on a pretty crazy shot. We were real close to getting on TV in the next game, but we lost in overtime. Then at Nationals, we got to the Sweet 16 and lost to Boo Williams.

Q: So it was a good way to end July.

BRUST: Yeah, it was a good way to end the month for sure because our start wasn't very good.

Q: How do you feel that you played?

BRUST: I played pretty well. At times I got tired in games, but then I thought about this being my last run in AAU and to give it my all and played well. It is easy to play with the guys on my team because we share the ball and we are all unselfish guys.

Q: When you came into the arena here yesterday, you had a big smile on your face and said you want to be here right now. What was it like coming back to Iowa as a commit?

BRUST: Being back here for the first time since I committed really brought a smile to my face. The car ride here this time went really slow because I wanted to be here. When I walked in, I wasn't planning on playing, but when I saw everyone playing, I said, I gotta play. Then I ended up rolling my ankle, but it isn't bad. I'm going to take the week off, lift, and ice my ankle.

Q: You didn't get to spend a lot of time with Zach McCabe since he had to leave about the time that you arrived, but you spent time with him in Chicago.

BRUST: Yeah, I talked to him in Chicago. We spoke briefly here and he is a nice guy. I met with Cody Larson today and Roy and I have been talking. I really like all the guys we have coming in. Not only are they good players, but they are good people.

Q: I threw out the comparison to you and Jeff Horner. He was here at the camp and ended up being your coach. What was that like?

BRUST: Yeah, he was my coach and I hung around him on the bench when I was hurt and we were coaching together. He is a really nice guy and a really good player.

Q: What's next for you?

BRUST: I'm going to take a week off and then I start my senior year of high school on August 12th. Once I get into school, I will start individual workouts with my trainer and then I will lift and play in open gyms at my high school.

Q: Then you plan on coming back to Iowa this fall?

BRUST: Yeah, I am going to get back here a couple of times this fall. I'll come in for an unofficial and then for my official in October with McCabe, Marble, and Larson for the Michigan game.

Interview with Roy Marble Jr. after Elite Camp

Q: What did you think of camp?

MARBLE JR. : I thought it was tremendous. It took me a while to get into the flow, but by the end of last night and today, I felt I did real well.

Q: What was it like getting to finally meet some of the guys that are going to be coming in with you next fall?

MARBLE JR.: It was really nice. They are real cool and I can't wait to get here. These will be the brightest four years of my life once I get here. We should do big things here.

Q: You roomed with Cody Larson here. What was that like?

MARBLE JR: He is a lot like me. (laugh) We are both a lot alike and enjoy the same things.

Q: What was it like to be back here for the first time since you committed?

MARBLE JR.: It was great. I couldn't wait to get here. I wish it wasn't over. I kind of wish it was one of those week long camps. I'll be back again soon.

Q: How did the summer wrap up for you?

MARBLE JR.: I had a great summer playing basketball. I probably averaged about 20 points a game this summer. We probably didn't win as much as we wanted to, but that is how it is sometimes.

Q: You're sticking around Iowa for a few more days?

MARBLE JR.: Yep, I will be here until the 14th. I will be working out with my dad's friend who is a trainer to get stronger and I will come here to play with the guys as much as I can.

Q: Is it nice to get here and play with some of the guys that you will be playing with in the future?

MARBLE JR.: Yeah it is. It makes me realize that I have a lot of work to do as far as getting stronger.

Q: When does high school start up again?

MARBLE JR.: September 8th, so I have a little break.

Q: But, you're the gym rat type so you will be working on your game quite a bit.

MARBLE JR.: Yeah, I always find a way to get into the gym at high school.

Q: That is something Coach Lickliter looks for, gym rats. Was the new practice facility being built here a big selling point for you?

MARBLE JR.: Yeah it was. I can't wait for that practice facility. I am going to be in there all of the time. I like to be in the gym all the time and work on my game and improve.

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