August 26, 2009

End of fall camp is finally in sight

It was the last day of daily doubles and there was a definite spring in the player step today as the team and coaches were vocal and hustling on every play. After a few days of lackluster performances, the guys were working hard and seemed to have a renewed sense of intensity during Wednesday's morning session.

No more jogging between drills, the team was running, at one point David Pa'aluhi was on a full on sprint and looked like he was trying to beat everyone to the next drill. The offensive and defensive lines had some fun early in practice as well when they traded positions and allowed Coach Cav's guys the chance to act like defensive ends while taking on a waiting defensive lineman. Coach Cavanaugh was impressed with Latu Moala's ability and said he'd take him on the offensive line in a heartbeat.

The offense continues to work on putting everything together as Sean Canfield works with his receivers...and they are an impressive group. Damola Adeniji continues to progress and made some outstanding catches this morning. James Rodgers is, well James Rodgers and Jordan Bishop and Casey Kjos continue to battle. Both will see significant playing time as Kjos brings great route running and excellent blocking to the field while Bishop brings extreme athleticism.

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