September 14, 2009

Thompson Working to Bring Linemen Together

The key component of any offensive line is cohesion and it seems that fact isn't lost on Oklahoma's four offensive line commitments from the class of 2010. No one in the group has been more central in their growing bond than Pflugerville, Texas four-star offensive tackle Tyrus Thompson. The 6-foot-6 278-pound offensive lineman has become noteworthy for his personal recruiting efforts but he doesn't spend all his time talking to guys he hopes to become Sooners.

He spends an ample amount of time speaking with those who have already chosen to join him in Norman.

Recently in Arlington, Texas during the OU-BYU game Thompson spent some time with his future linemates, Bronson Irwin, Adam Shead, and Austin Woods.

"All four of us talk but it was the first time we all got to hang out. I mean me, Bronson, and Austin we were all there at Oklahoma's camp but it was the first time we got to hang out with Adam too," Thompson explained. "We hung out for a while during the game but then you know we had to get back home. I had to come back home, I had to take care of some things and I think Bronson had some things too.

"For the game we chilled for a little bit."

Apparently the talented foursome was already thinking about what it might be like to play inside of 'Jerryworld' with numerous Big 12 championships set to be played within it.

"The stadium was the coolest stadium I've ever seen, it was so big and so cool and actually all of us offensive lineman we talking about they are going to play the conference championships. We were saying we're going to go there every year," Thompson stated.

While at the game Thompson spent a lot of time networking and shaking hands with any number of top Sooner targets but afterwards he came home to see what went so wrong for the Sooners on their opening weekend of action.

Whatever it may have been Thompson has no fear that offensive line coach James Patton will get it sorted out.

"I was looking at some of the replays. I can I kind of see why everyone is so concerned but I'm sure coach Patton will get the line straight," he said.

Fans weren't only concerned about the play of the offensive line but also the possible ramifications of such a disappointing loss being played in front of any number of high-profile recruits and what it might mean to their recruitment.

However it's the fans who may have alleviated any concerns for the recruits, Thompson in particular.

"The stadium and every thing was cool, but really it was all the fan support that was there in Dallas, that was pretty cool to me," he said. "Being from Austin you don't see too many Oklahoma fans, they had a great fanbase there."

During the game he also had a chance to speak with other commitments like Jarrett Lake, Rashod Favors, and Chuka Ndulue.

However for Sooner fans his chance to speak with Jackson JEffcoat and Darius White probably held the most interest. But Thompson says he didn't spend too much effort pushing either naturally reclusive prospect.

"You don't come on too strong and just kind of wait and see where things go, kind of let the other person see what's going on," he said. "I've seen Jackson a lot of times, his dad was there and I've talked to him a couple of times, he seems like a fun person.

"He opens up more as time goes on he seems like a real cool guy and a real lax type of dude."

While much is made of Jeffcoat and the nationwide recruiting that has besieged him since he was just a sophomore, Thompson is quick to take up for Oklahoma's defensive end commitment that he feels should be receiving more credit than perhaps he currently does.

"I met Chuka up there too, he seems like a pretty cool guy too. He is really great defensive end, I look forward to facing him in practice and helping each other get better."

It seems that Thompson's goal of cohesion goes far beyond his own position group.

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