September 14, 2009

He said. She said. Beava Las Vegas


.She said::...



While there were some good things going for the offense, it seemed the Beavers
never found a rhythm that they could maintain throughout the game. The first
half was sloppy, but they showed some good plays during the third quarter where
Jacquizz Rodgers had some nice runs.

With Sean Canfield at the helm, I would like to see the Beavers go deep more
often. Yes, this would mean that the offensive line would need to give him a
little more time, but it would also help open up the all important run game
too…something the Beavers will want to capitalize on next week to control
the clock when Cincinnati comes to town.

Maybe the Beavs are truly missing Darrell Catchings, but with James Rodgers
seeing a double team much of the night, I suspect that other receivers may have
been open a time or two.

As for the offensive line, they are a work in progress. I think once Grant Johnson and Michael Philipp settle in, they will be fine. As of right now though,
they have moments where they seem to struggle. Maybe more tight end blocking
help is needed on the left side to help out for the time being.

I was encouraged by true freshman Jovan Stevenson who turned in a couple of
solid runs.

Was it a bad performance? No. Can the offense improve? Yes, greatly.

They showed grit on that last drive (although I wasn't a fan of the clock management
at the end), but they were saved by a pass interference penalty to keep the
drive alive. It just would be nice to see more options than short dink and dunk
dump off passes much of the game (and I'm sure Canfield would fee a lot better
if he weren't getting pummeled too).


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