September 18, 2009

Bruins await Kansas State

The venerable Bill Snyder agreed to a five year contract just a week ago. Snyder, whose Kansas State teams were among the most dangerous in the country in his previous tenure before seeing the program unravel after his retirement, will earn in the $2 million range. That's nearly double UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel's salary.

That's the good news for Kansas State.

The bad news is that, while for Coach Neuheisel's Bruins the future is beginning to show up now, for the Wildcats, the future is … well, in the future. And the game against UCLA has to be played on Saturday.

However, the injury to Bruins starting quarterback Kevin Prince and the suspension of four other Bruins for this game makes the game a lot more interesting - and that's not necessarily a positive for Bruin fans.

Usually, we try to take a look at matchups between the two teams that might be points of interest for that week's game. But with this week's game, the injury to Prince, and the suspension of a key speedster receiver Randall Carroll and a replacement starter at corner back, Courtney Viney, is the one key issue. It changes a number of things about UCLA's season to this point.

The Bruins left Knoxville last weekend poised to be able to consolidate all the learning from the first two weeks of the season and get about the business of expanding the offense from one that was not merely no longer a negative, to one capable of taking control of a game and winning it themselves.

Suddenly, that all changed and the last week has been spent getting the other quarterbacks up to speed so they reach a point where they, like Prince before them, won't be a threat to give away games the defense might otherwise have won.

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