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Camp Kickoff: Evaluating The WR Room

Next in our Camp Kickoff series we take a look at the talented and loaded wide receiver room at Michigan. The Wolverines have an incredible mix of talented playmakers that could see them possibly running 11 deep in 2022.

Let's take a look at each receiver, and their strengths and opportunities.

6 Cornelius Johnson: 6-3 208 Senior

Michigan's leading receiver in 2021, perfect size and speed combo for an outside receiver.

Strength: Elite route runner with excellent field awareness. Has all the tools to be a #1 wide receiver.
Opportunity: Has strong hands but tends to try and body catch deep passes. Making those big catches like he does in intermediate routes would put him over the top.

8 Ronnie Bell: 6-0 190 Grad Student

Michigan's leading receiver in 2019 and 2020, Bell is a smooth athlete with quick acceleration.

Strength: Bell is a great all around receiver who always seems to get open in the middle of the field. Legitimate threat at all levels.
Opportunity: Similar issue to CJ on deep passes that he lets hit his chest.

14 Roman Wilson: 6-0 185 Junior

A true deep threat, Wilson led Michigan in receiving against Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Iowa.

Strength: Wilson's speed has been well known since he was a recruit, with the potential to run a 4.3 40. He is good at getting open down the sideline.Opportunity: Wilson has been inconsistent with his routes, sometimes even running the wrong direction. No reason to think that won't improve in 2022.

1 Andrel Anthony: 6-2 190 Sophomore

Incredible athlete that gets an A+ in the eye test. Anthony is a dynamic receiver.

Strength: Anthony showed everything he can do against Michigan State with long yards after the catch and high pointed touchdowns. He's a great route runner and super smooth.
Opportunity: Biggest knocks on Anthony as a recruit were size and speed. He appears to have "football speed" and has already added 15lbs since getting to Ann Arbor.

3 AJ Henning: 5-10 185 Junior

Big time playmaker with the ball in his hands. Michigan is going to get him more involved in 2022, MASSIVE breakout potential in year 3.

Strength: Henning is fast enough, running a mid 4.4, but he is quick with his cuts and acceleration. He has great vision and can be a YAC machine.
Opportunity: So far Henning has looked like a RB playing WR. He can make awesome catches, but seems to struggle with some of the easier ones as he seems already thinking about his next move before he catches the ball.

0 Mike Sainristil: 5-10 182 Senior

Very physical athlete for his size, can do it all, and may as Harbaugh projects Sainristil to be a three way player in 2022.

Strength: Sainristil is strong for his size and has been an excellent blocker and route runner for Michigan.
Opportunity: He can make an incredible one handed catch, he can also drop an easy throw. He may be a cornerback primarily in 2022, but is still a threat in the passing game if he indeed plays all three phases.

0 Darrius Clemons: 6-3 214 Freshman

Freak show talent at wide receiver, incredible athlete who has the size, speed, and hands to do it all.

Strength: Whew, everything? He is a strong physical receiver who can catch in traffic or adjust his body on deeper routes. Fast and quick, solid route runner. Sky is the limit for Clemons.
Opportunity: It feels like the only thing Clemons needs is experience. He has impressed everyone in camp and is putting in the work in the weight room, meeting, and on the field.

85 Cristian Dixon: 6-2 195 Sophomore

Solid athlete who should be a reliable pass catcher and deep threat.

Strength: Looks the part with frame and length. Speedy down the line, could develop into a better than average outside receiver.
Opportunity: Dixon is raw as a route runner and technical receiver. These days people are quick to write off players who don't make immediate impact. He needs to time to develop, but the talent is there.

13 Tyler Morris: 5-11 185 Freshman

Track star with excellent football awareness, an absolute playmaker at all levels on the field. Former teammate of JJ McCarthy.

Strength: The exact athlete Michigan has been recruiting, very versatile with his multi-sport background. Reminds me a lot of current WR AJ Henning.
Opportunity: Will need to add weight long term but he is offensive weapon and playmaker, just needs chances.

4 Amorion Walker: 6-3 180 Freshman

The third receiver in the freak show trio, and another track star with ridiculous vertical.

Strength: Clemons has been getting all the attention, and he may be ahead physically, but Walker has the length, speed, hands, and raw athletic talent to be an dynamic receiver opposite Clemons.
Opportunity: Much like Morris, needs to develop physically and learn the offense, but Walker has potential to be a gamechanger as a lengthy receiver that can line up anywhere.

38 Peyton O'Leary: 6-3 195 Sophomore

The former lacrosse star had scholarship offers but chose to walk on at Michigan. He is a big and physical receiver who is making noise in camp.

Strength: A solid all around athlete, O'Leary is a football coach's son with football bloodlines. Smart player, great awareness, likely a good blocking WR in the run game.
Opportunity: O'Leary's path to playing time will come from his physicality. It will be hard to break through such a deep room, but he has earned praise from the coaching staff and Ronnie Bell.

80 Eamonn Dennis: 5-10 184

Talented athlete who came to Michigan a WR, switched to corner, and is now back to WR.

Strength: Dennis is a well rounded athlete, part of the Don Brown Massachusetts pipeline. Stronger than his size and he can be a threat to get big yards after he has the ball in his hands. Similar to Mike Sainristil's skill set.
Opportunity: Dennis is switching positions and will need to get familiar with offense and try to find his niche. He may be an end around threat in the future, but should make an impact on special teams in 2022.

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