Michigan Newsstand - July 11

Richards covicted, Butler cleared in beating on U-M campus
By Staff • The Associated Press
One former Michigan football player has been convicted and another has been cleared of charges stemming from an attack on a fellow student.
Christian Richards, 19, of Pacomina, Calif., was found guilty Tuesday of aggravated assault and assault and battery, while Carson Butler, 19, of Detroit, was cleared. Both were charged in a St. Patrick's Day beating in a residence hall and dismissed from the team in March.
Ex-U-M football player Richards found guilty of assault
By Nathan Fenno • The Ann Arbor News
Former University of Michigan football player Carson Butler was cleared of all charges, while former player Christian Richards was found guilty Tuesday in a case stemming from a St. Patrick's Day assault of another student.
Michigan athletics signs with adidas
By Angelique S. Chenglis • The Detroit News
The all-too-familiar Nike swoosh will no longer be a part of Michigan's athletic uniforms after the 2007-08 seasons.
The athletic department has entered an eight-year agreement with adidas that begins in 2008 and is valued at $7.5 million annually in cash and merchandise.
U-M partners with adidas
By Mark Snyder • The Detroit Free Press
Bye, bye, swoosh.
Michigan, which signed a landmark shoe and apparel deal with Nike in 1994 at $1 million per year, is going to partner with Adidas.
Michigan signs 8-year deal with adidas, leaving Nike
By Larry Lage • The Associated Press
Michigan just did it.
Athletic director Bill Martin said Tuesday night the school signed an eight-year contract with Adidas, ending a relationship with Nike.
U-M, adidas sign eight-year footwear and apparel deal
By Staff •
The University of Michigan and adidas have entered into a multi-year agreement in which adidas will supply footwear and apparel for all 25 of the university's athletic teams. The new agreement begins with the 2008-09 academic year and extends through the 2016-17 season. The agreement is valued at $7.5 million annually in cash and merchandise over the eight-year period.
Hale could go his own way
By Kevin Noon • Buckeye
It is tough for some of the nation's top players to stay out of the spotlight. For Monroeville (Pa.) linebacker prospect Shayne Hale talking to the media is far from one of his favorite things but he knows it goes along with the territory in being a 5-star rated recruit.
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