TheWolverine - Jim & Jack Harbaugh Reflect On Ohio State Loss, Look Ahead To What's Next
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Jim & Jack Harbaugh Reflect On Ohio State Loss, Look Ahead To What's Next

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Offensive line coach Ed Warinner (center) coached at Ohio State from 2012-16.
Offensive line coach Ed Warinner (center) coached at Ohio State from 2012-16. (Per Kjeldsen)

Jim and Jack Harbaugh briefly looked back at the Ohio State loss on yesterday's 'Attack Each day' podcast, while the former insisted the team will 'get win No. 11' in the bowl game.

We have the highlights below:

Jim Harbaugh, on the OSU game:

"Ohio State was the better team, and played better. Things don't always go your way in life, and sometimes it tests you.

"The strong survive, and it seems like 'things not going your way' usually keeps happening to the weak. Our players played a great season and the coaches coached a great season. We'll get them all back and get win No. 11."

Jim Harbaugh, on what the team's next steps are:

"We'll work out this week, and those who played all year will start getting their bodies feeling better. We'll find out Sunday what bowl we're in, and then we'll have some opportunity practices for the young guys.

"We'll have our Bust Banquet on Sunday, Dec. 9, at Crisler Arena, and we'll start with our bowl practices the following Tuesday."

Jim Harbaugh, on Rashan Gary:

"We're all thrilled and happy for Rashan's career at Michigan, and what's going to come. He's one of us, and a great guy and a great football player.

"When you know your players are great guys, it keeps you immune to all the haters out there."

Jack Harbaugh, on who makes the best coaches:

"The ones who make the best coaches are those who have a wide vision. They're not locked in only to what they do, but can tell you what's going on around them. They view the game through a different set of eyes."

Jack Harbaugh:

"Back in the day when I started coaching, we didn't have film. You just went with what you remember seeing in practice.

"Then they invented a celluloid, and they would go out and process it and bring it back to you. We leaned on film as a crutch, and didn't coach as much sometimes until we actually saw the film afterward."

Jack Harbaugh, on what his experience was like on Saturday:

"We turned on the Michigan/Ohio State game at noon on Saturday — Jackie was upstrairs and I was downstairs.

"She'd start to scream if things went badly, and I'd hear a 'yeeeeees!!' if things went well — it was like that for all three or four hours.

"She irons during the game, and has to always be doing something while watching it. The advice I gave [Jim's wife] Sarah afterward was 'the sun will shine tomorrow.'

"Jim got home, and there was really no conversation needed."


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