Trey Burke to test NBA waters

Michigan freshman point guard Trey Burke will test the NBA waters, his father, Benji Burke, told today. The Big Ten co-freshman of the year has submitted the paperwork to the draft advisory board and will wait to hear from them before he makes a final decision.
They family has already heard from sources that have told them Burke could go in 20 to 25 range, his father said Wednesday.
"As of right now, he's coming back," Benji Burke said. "I'm speaking for him, but as of right now, he's coming back. We're gathering information. In two weeks that maybe will change, I don't know. But right now he's coming back. He's going to class, doing his individual workouts and still in the process of doing everything with the program."
Mr. Burke added his son is "really happy" at Michigan, though still upset about the loss to Ohio in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, believing the team "underperformed." He's also intrigued about playing with incoming recruits Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson III and Nick Stauskas,'s No. 5 class nationally.
His father assured that the family was still in the "gathering phase," adding his son had employed the help of head coach John Beilein.
"Trey received some information from good, reliable sources he can be in the 18 to 24 range in the first round, so he thought it would be good for him to at least get some accurate information and go from there," Benji Burke said. "Any time a 19-year-old hears that, it doesn't matter who they are, they are interested in that.
"We're shocked like everybody else. It's a hard decision because how do you leave something so good for him? Everybody has the dream of the NBA, but gosh, he just got to Michigan. Of course he and his mother and I are torn, happy but more sad. If he comes back, we'll probably be okay. If he leaves, there are risks there.
"But there are risks on both sides - he could get hurt. I just think it's a safer bet to come back, do another year, see how him and [five-star frosh-to-be] Mitch [McGary] and the new guys play together."
He wouldn't guarantee his son would return even if he wasn't expected to go in the first round, though he added, "if it was up to me solely, he'd be back."
"It doesn't make sense to risk it if you're going to go second round and go to the D -League," he added. "I'd want assurances that he's going to be a first rounder. It's just too good playing on TV every day in the Big Ten. He's just had a great, great experience there, and that could come to an end. I'm not saying it will - he just got to Ann Arbor.
"He sees what's coming in. He thinks Glenn is going to be really, really good, one of the better freshmen in country. He thinks Mitch will shore up rebounding issues, help out Jordan Morgan. That's more possessions. But again, Mitch, Glenn and Stauskas, I guarantee you they are all thinking about the NBA. It's every kid. It's hard. If a kid performs, gets hot in year one, you always think about the possibility of getting drafted."
Burke averaged 14.8 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game, starting 33 of 34 games. He shot 34.8 percent from three-point range in 36.1 minutes per game.