Two-Sport Star Getting Closer to Decision

The Wolverine spoke on Monday with Michigan football and basketball recruiting target Matt Trannon of Flint (Mich.) Northern. A wide receiver on the gridiron and a 6-7 forward on the court, Trannon is regarded as a top prospect in both sports.
He said that only four schools remain under consideration: Michigan, Michigan State, Missouri, and Florida. Most analysis of Trannon's recruitment has focused on the two in-state schools, but he said that all four are running pretty even, and denied any preference between staying in-state or going away to school.
Despite not having any favorites, though, Trannon said that he expects to have a decision soon -- in "a couple more weeks."
While he mulls over his decision, Trannon will be the subject of a full-page feature story in next week's issue of The Wolverine magazine, which will profile him and examine his recruitment from both a football and a basketball perspective. To subscribe or to order a single issue, call (800) 421-7751 during normal business hours.