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First, there is no good solution. So many Michigan fans are Tiger fans that they want to vent, and feel they are free to do so. On the other hand, many Michigan fans are not Tiger fans and find all the threads here an annoying distraction and side-show. Any "solution" is going to irritate someone.

The way I see it, just one opinion, is that this is a Michigan Wolverine's board, and everyone who signs up and pays is doing so to follow and discuss the University of Michigan. That is the implicit contract for signing up. It would seem a reasonable conclusion that those who want to discuss the Tigers' every inning find a Tigers venue somewhere, and sign up to converse with others interested in that team.

As a Tiger fan, this opinion probably upsets me. (Free speech!) However, this site is about Michigan U., so at the end of the day, it doesn't seem fair to impose Tiger-Mania on everyone who has paid to be here specifically for the Michigan Wolverines. My opinion is to keep this board focused on what it was created for, is marketed as, and everyone pays for. Again, any decision likely leaves a number of subscribers unhappy.

Posted on 4/6 11:02 AM | IP: Logged

        The redwings will fix the Tiger problem until late may * - sn0cap2k4 4/6 11:44 AM (show all)  Views 27755
        Use as a great example.... - FL_Blue 4/6 11:43 AM
        Re: The best solution to Tigers threads? - dat_man 4/6 11:42 AM
               People whine too much one way or another - OHIOBLUES 4/6 11:49 AM
        One Tigers thread per game. Delete others. Warn posters who don't abide* - JWuGP23 4/6 11:39 AM
        We can't chat about Auburn any longer????? Or LSU? - speedboys 4/6 11:38 AM
        Allow one thread per game, and erase the rest. - jizzard19 4/6 11:37 AM
        Simple: Create a new board* - PurpleArgyle 4/6 11:32 AM
        Ban all MLB threads outright. That will instantly class up the board.* - The Mighty Wolverine 4/6 11:31 AM
               and the NBA, NFL, WNBA, NHL, MLS, OT and where does it stop? - speedboys 4/6 11:48 AM
        my 2 cents... - mngmikes 4/6 11:31 AM
        "scroll past the Tigers threads" does not work... - M_Powered 4/6 11:30 AM
 The best solution to Tigers threads? - MichaelSpath 4/6 10:31 AM
        Make a Tigers Board or MLB baseball board. - j0hnny_22 4/6 11:29 AM
        Re: The best solution to Tigers threads? - adamgluck 4/6 11:27 AM
        Pin an Inge thread to the top* - nicolashill 4/6 11:26 AM
        Billy Chapel's wife said it best: "is this not America?" - simmygoblue 4/6 11:23 AM
               Simmy - you always bring the goods. Great reference* - andrewhfine 4/6 11:39 AM
        Not a tigers fan - h2owolverine 4/6 11:23 AM
        Re: The best solution to Tigers threads? - timthumb 4/6 11:23 AM
        Why don't we at least try the idea of a separate tigers board?* - TDFever 4/6 11:23 AM
        Beat ohio.* - MichiganMan1 4/6 11:21 AM
        Why is it so difficult for some to just skip the Tigers threads? I don't - mgoblue9798 4/6 11:21 AM
        Convert all the whiners and inconvenienced nancies into Tigers fans? - Blue Skywalker1 4/6 11:20 AM
        not a big deal...we can just scroll past subjects that... - madmartin 4/6 11:17 AM
               Re: not a big deal...we can just scroll past subjects that... - bradibbs 4/6 11:27 AM
               You chase MICHIGAN fans off by catering to tigers fans. - TDFever 4/6 11:21 AM
                      Or not. - Brockman26 4/6 11:28 AM
        Mike, I understand both sides. - drbajwa 4/6 11:14 AM
        Re: The best solution to Tigers threads? - AirBlue23 4/6 11:09 AM
        Default the website to topic view, and pin a tigers topic* - SD MichiganFan 4/6 11:07 AM
        Just leave it as it is - OrionWolverine 4/6 11:07 AM
        Everyone's saying start a Tigers in-game thread and that's a great idea but - HokeyWolverine 4/6 11:07 AM
        I think this is the objective solution - bradibbs 4/6 11:04 AM
        Official game day tiger's thread - CH99 4/6 11:04 AM
        Switch the board to topic view, much easier to move past... - Mich Fan 4/6 11:03 AM
        It's as simple as.... - O_How_I_Hate 4/6 11:03 AM
        Delete redundant threads. - jlite 4/6 11:02 AM
        The best solution to Tigers threads? Here goes.... - Victor Valiant 4/6 11:02 AM
        Do nothing or just make the whole forum topic view only - blueconundrum 4/6 11:02 AM
        (M_Partial) My suggestion is to bar, and immediately delete.... - Shorty06 4/6 11:01 AM
               And ban Tigers posters who complain about ANY OT post. ** - Cincinnati_Wolverine 4/6 11:26 AM
               This is BY FAR the best idea I have heard....and it would work* - mark1234 4/6 11:17 AM
                      It's by far the WORST idea I've ever heard.... - TDFever 4/6 11:20 AM
                             There seem to be just as many threads from people whining about the Tigers - mark1234 4/6 11:21 AM
                                    First of all, no, that is not even close to being accurate... - TDFever 4/6 11:25 AM
                                           It is a cue - a cue that some people need to relax and figure out how to - mark1234 4/6 11:27 AM
                                                  Re: It is a cue - a cue that some people need to relax and figure out how to - timthumb 4/6 11:32 AM
                                                         So, again, the solution is "give me my way or leave if you don't like it"?* - TDFever 4/6 11:33 AM
                                                  Why don't you ignore their "whining" instead of letting it affect you? - TDFever 4/6 11:31 AM
               Amen to that* - OrionWolverine 4/6 11:16 AM
               I approve this resolution.* - blueconundrum 4/6 11:11 AM
        A separate board for Detroit professional sports* - Felix 4/6 10:59 AM
               Isn't this essentially the "quit whining" response of the other side? - Chris Calloway 4/6 11:09 AM
                      No, it's not. This board is set up to... - TDFever 4/6 11:17 AM
               It's a great idea. The only problem is that.... - TDFever 4/6 11:09 AM
               Agreed* - backroom 4/6 11:02 AM
               Good idea - the Olympic Sports board should become the MLB board* - Chicago_Blue 4/6 11:00 AM
        I'd always advocate a hands-off policy* - Chicago_Blue 4/6 10:59 AM
        Re: a link to the LSU board?* - Big_Houseman 4/6 10:57 AM
        Start a Tigers only thread about 5 hours before gametime. - jmgoblue 4/6 10:57 AM
        Can I get one for the Brooklyn Dodgers? - vawolv 4/6 10:54 AM
        maybe just a general "suggestion" from the Mods... - northernmichigan 4/6 10:54 AM
        Is to move on - Seabreeze 4/6 10:52 AM
        What about an OT Fort Forum... - cdycus 4/6 10:49 AM
        I could care less about the Tigers.... - greenemarine 4/6 10:49 AM
               How much less could you care? :)* - toriousafp 4/6 10:52 AM
                      Lol - greenemarine 4/6 11:12 AM
        Official in game thread . . . - myers15 4/6 10:47 AM
               Agree. Same for Red Wings, etc. threads. I don't live in Detroit and - Cal Varnsen 4/6 10:57 AM
                      Yep, the mods at one time were combining posts on similar topics ... - ElysiumsGuitar 4/6 11:35 AM
        Switching the forum to topic view - BlimpyBlue 4/6 10:44 AM
        Have an official Tigers thread for posters to use. ** - BursleyBlue75 4/6 10:44 AM
        Official Tigers thread* - Geos 4/6 10:42 AM
               Re: Pin an official thread a couple of hours before the game. That way, - bama blue 4/6 10:58 AM
        Re: The best solution to Tigers threads? - Buck_Wolverine 4/6 10:42 AM
        During and immediately following games, delete any new Tigers posts... - Chris Calloway 4/6 10:42 AM
        Open the chat room & delete any thread about it on the board - jkarl 4/6 10:41 AM
        I'm a Mets fan, couldn't care less about the Tigers, but... - WolveriNut 4/6 10:40 AM
        Re: The best solution to Tigers threads? - Kevin13 4/6 10:39 AM
        Flog the poster who starts the thread. If that doesn't work, leave the - TWheatly 4/6 10:38 AM
        I don't see why this is an issue, ESPECIALLY because there is a dearth of - Aero_Blue 4/6 10:38 AM
        Fact is, it's baseball season and there isn't much Michigan - marktine 4/6 10:37 AM
        Tell the People that don't like to see Tigers threads to not get on during - michiganfan8676 4/6 10:37 AM
               That defeats the purpose of the board and if you are coming in - speedboys 4/6 10:49 AM
                      I was Kidding - michiganfan8676 4/6 11:01 AM
               Yeah, Rivals' advertisers would love that one: "Please don't frequent the - WolveriNut 4/6 10:41 AM
        There are more threads about Tigers threads than actual Tigers threads* - umkevin 4/6 10:37 AM
        Re: The best solution to Tigers threads? - MICHIGAN4 4/6 10:36 AM
        Everything but football in moderation :) Act wisely. - mlars027 4/6 10:36 AM
        Either... - 97Rose 4/6 10:35 AM
               Re: Either... - Gulo gulo 4/6 10:37 AM
        the best solution is for people to stop whining, - Trouten25 4/6 10:35 AM
               way to see it from both sides** - M_Powered 4/6 11:27 AM
               Well, that's not going to happen. Got any other ideas... - TDFever 4/6 11:10 AM
                      dude, you are crying bout this way too much - toriousafp 4/6 11:41 AM
                      There's plenty of people on this thread that don't like the Tigers but have - mark1234 4/6 11:14 AM
                             Then why is Spath asking for solutions for this not big deal? - TDFever 4/6 11:19 AM
                                    Because the few of those doing all the whinning refuse to give up... - UofM_Boxer 4/6 7:29 PM
               Agree.....just deal with it* - jasonkerwin 4/6 11:08 AM
               Agree. Don't like Tigers talk, breeze on past the threads* - Dave Baxter 4/6 10:59 AM
               EXACTLY. I don't care about them so I just don't read them* - UofM_Boxer 4/6 10:53 AM
               What he said* - toriousafp 4/6 10:50 AM
               Agree - ernied 4/6 10:45 AM
                      u hating on my pop thread ernied!?! - Trouten25 4/6 10:50 AM
               +1 - michiganfan8676 4/6 10:38 AM
               agree* - MICHIGAN4 4/6 10:37 AM
               +1 how hard is it to go through and just read the threads you want* - rsmith6 4/6 10:37 AM
                      on any big tigers game u figure theres two pages of mixed - Trouten25 4/6 10:41 AM
               Agree* - mark1234 4/6 10:36 AM

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