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going back over yesterday's presser and you can count on this:

4 vs. Michigan State (two at home, two on the road)
4 vs. Ohio State (ditto)
4 vs. Minnesota (ditto)
4 vs. Wisconsin (ditto)
4 vs. Penn State (ditto)
2 at Nebraska-Omaha
2 at New Hampshire
At least one with Boston U. 
At least one with Boston College 
2 vs. Michigan Tech (at home)
GLI outdoors 

If they can get the two Boston schools to come to Ann Arbor, and honestly, with the trips to Omaha and New Hampshire set, they need to play them at home, that will be a ridiculously awesome schedule. 

We also know no Notre Dame, no Western, no Ferris State (and likely no other former CCHA teams). 
3/27 2:59 PM | IP: Logged

I assume one of the MSU games will be at the Joe.
3/27 3:19 PM | IP: Logged

Awesome and challenging.

That list totals 30 games, they need to find 4 to 6 more.

Two games with BGSU would seem to make sense - a short road trip for whomever travels.  Based on past seasons, it would seem that we might also expect a visit from 1 or 2 Atlantic Hockey teams like RIT, Bentley or Niagara, and/or an ECAC team like Union, St. Lawrence or RPI.
3/27 4:15 PM | IP: Logged

10 non-conference games listed so far.  4 Home, 4 Away and 2 Neutral at the GLI.

I believe Michigan opens at RIT so there is another road game.
As early as three weeks ago, the Ferris State AD was on the CBS Sports telecast indicating that there was a three year deal worked out with Michigan starting in 2013-14.  Perhaps that fell through, or was pushed back a year.
Would Michigan play another road game in upstate NY when they visit RIT, like Niagara, Colgate or Cornell?
Seems like they would try to add more home games, as Dave Brandon will no longer have a home playoff round of revenue.
3/27 4:46 PM | IP: Logged

@ Wisconsin and Minnesota for letting Jim Delaney kill the sport of college hockey.. Would love to see the diehards at all 4 schools  tell them to shove their season tickets. 
3/27 8:02 PM | IP: Logged
The Big Ten hockey league and the reorganization of D1 college hockey that it prompted all suck.  I hate the whole thing.  Plus a six-team league is just insufficient.  And the players are going to hate all the airplane time involved in this schedule - no consideration for the student-athletes' time as usual.  Usually I think Brandon's ideas are great but this one is a bust.
3/27 10:19 PM | IP: Logged
If you want to really stick it to the ADs and their revenue which we know is number one priority, fans should not watch the big-ten network or pay for it if it's not part of their cable package.  Money from big-10 network is a lot more than the attendance money.
3/28 10:44 AM | IP: Logged

Thanks   "74
3/28 11:04 AM | IP: Logged

I believe the basic limit is 34 games bu tthere are some "exceptions" that can allow you to get to 36 or 37, such as playing in certain "tournaments" or taking a road trip to one of the Alaska schools (the latter intended to give schools an incentive to do just that).  The season just concluded (2012-2013) was the first season in many in which U-M did not play 36 games.  Other posters may have more information on the "exceptions" that allows you to schedule the extra games.

These numbers, of course, do not include a team's league playoffs or games in the NCAA tournament.
3/28 12:44 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by maize_in_losgatos:
If you want to really stick it to the ADs and their revenue which we know is number one priority, fans should not watch the big-ten network or pay for it if it's not part of their cable package.  Money from big-10 network is a lot more than the attendance money.
Feel free to go ahead and do that if you want maize, but it will make absolutely 0 difference. First of all almost all people who will be watching Big Ten hockey on BTN are in the midwest meaning its on the basic cable tier which means you are paying for it whether you watch it or not. Secondly a few people not watching hockey to spite the AD's is going to be a very very small number which will make 0 difference in money because the money is made on football and to a lesser extent basketball. We as a hockey fans hardly ever get to see any games as it is and now you want the few diehard hockey fans to not watch the station that is going to bring them a lot more coverage of its favorite sport? I don't like seeing college hockey decimated either and laugh at a 6 team league, but there is no question that having a Big Ten coference for hockey means I am probably going to be able to watch a lot more games than I was before.
3/28 2:18 PM | IP: Logged
So next year you'd have 2 in East Lansing, 1 in Ann Arbor, 1 in Detroit if the rotation still holds true.
3/29 8:43 AM | IP: Logged
I think this is a great move and will be great for college hockey.

I am very excited for the Big Ten league.

Plus I think this is going to give some other schools a better chance to succeed (the LSSU, Bowling Greens, etc... over the college hockey world). We're still going to play these schools (at least MSU is committed to playing the other CCHA schools - outside of maybe Alaska) during the season too.

The only thing I want to see happen is the BTN needs to completely revamp its college hockey coverage - it's terrible. It always has been, and if I'm going to be force to watch more games on the BTN, they need to bring in people who know what they are doing.

This is going to draw in more casual fans - which the game needs - more fans.  The casual MSU/UM fan doesn't give 2 rips about LSSU, Ferris State, Northern Michigan, etc.... They WILL care about Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Penn State. Plus if it allows you to play teams like your schedule has - then Good Lord man, the die hard fans should love it too. UNH, BC, BU?!! Are you kidding me?! That's a great schedule.

Look at the attendance at Yost this year - it was down. College hockey needs this move.

This post was edited on 3/29 8:49 AM by MSUStudent

3/29 8:47 AM | IP: Logged
  Minor point to your post, but I don't know if one can say that attendance at Yost was down this year in terms of reduced fan interest.  The renovations somehow resulted in the loss of several hundred seats (frankly, I couldn;t figure out where they were lost from looking around  the times I was at Yost this year), so that "capacity" is now, I think, 5800 whereas in the previous years it was in the mid-6,000's.  I think there were a lot of full houses at 5800 this year.
3/29 10:12 AM | IP: Logged
Now they list 6,300 as the capacity, but even at 5,800 that isn't sold out, plus it's an average so you've had games with much less than 5,300 as well.

I would consider that down.

Edit: Looking at it more closely, your early season series really put a drag on your attendance - even Miami didn't draw (just over 4,000 on the 2nd night). I only say this, because I see it in MSU fans as well. Certain teams bring out more fans.

This post was edited on 3/29 11:05 AM by MSUStudent

Link: Attendance Figures3/29 11:03 AM | IP: Logged

Just because you're a CPA doesn't mean you can outwit me with numbers :).

The capacity figure USCHO has on that chart is the old capacity figure.  Based on the 5800 capacity, the 2012-13 average attendance was 92.4% of capacity.  For 2011-12, the average attendance was 90.4% of capacity, although obviously higher in total per game.  You may recall (and Spath had some articles/posts on this at the time) that in the Fall of 2011, there were some poorly attended games, some of which were attributed to a conflict with a late afternoon or evening road fottball game that was on TV.

For 2010-11, USCHO has the Big Chill attendance figures in the average, so you can't really figure out what the average Yost attendance is from their chart.

I would agree that attendance the last 2 years is down from seasons prior to 2010-11, where the average attendance is shown as 99-101% of capacity.
3/29 11:16 AM | IP: Logged
Check out's season statistics.  Page 7 of the PDF file has attendance for all games this season.  At the bottom they break it down to average attendance (for all games), average home, away, and neutral site games.  You can probably dig up past season's final stats on MGoBlue to find these figures, too.

Link: MGoBlue Season Statistics3/29 12:26 PM | IP: Logged
Don't you think an October series with Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan State, Penn State, Minnesota might attract more people to Yost than an October series with Niagara? The potential is there to stack the schedule with some quality names. Or even a series with Boston College?

Granted, those Niagara series are still going to happen, but I think this move will get more people to watch. And no matter what, that will be good for the game.
3/29 1:30 PM | IP: Logged
What's the likelihood of seeing Big Ten teams in October?  I would think not likely.  Most of the conference games will start up in November or early December.  This years non-conference schedule was pretty blah, now next years is looking like it's going to be great, but that's next year.

One thing that has hurt attendance has been ticket prices.  There were a couple different people who sat where I do that had season tickets as long as I have or longer and they dropped them about 3 years ago.  Now granted at that time there were a lot of other things going on than just ticket price increases, people were losing jobs, some were struggling to pay mortgages, etc... so dumping tickets to sporting events is a no brainer for the budget, but the price of tickets has hurt and continues to hurt.  There are other people that are waiting for the AD to drop PSD's on the hockey ticket buyers or looking for another jump in prices and if that happens there will be another wave of people dropping tickets.  Figure a family of four, they are dropping $100 on tickets (that's the cheap seats), then depending on where they come from there could be gas and parking.  There will be dinner somewhere.  If they are in town they could eat at home, but the kids usually want something at the game even it's only a $4.00 soda, but if they are from out of town that usually means eating out.  You can easily rack up another $50 on all this without even breaking a sweat and that's one game.  If they are season ticket holders they are doing this 20, 21, 22 times a year, that's some serious coin for most families just to attend hockey games.

Attendance for games in October are hit by a number of things.  Football is one, if the football team is out of town (which they usually are when hockey is home, not always, but usually) that often means they play the late afternoon game or even at night.  That hurts attendance, people stay home to watch the football game.  If the Tigers are in the playoffs and they are playing on a hockey night, it hurts attendance.

It used to be really rare for there to be tickets available from the box office for most of the home games.  They were either sold to season ticket holders or sold as single games before the season started.  These days it's really rare for the AD not to be pushing tickets right up to game time.  I got e-mails all season long this year, hockey tickets are available, if you want more or know someone looking to attend they are available.    That doesn't even count people selling tickets outside, or the tickets that show up on stub hub or on the ticket exchange, etc.. 

There are a lot of reasons, but they are having trouble selling the place out and they have been having trouble for the last few years.
3/29 7:44 PM | IP: Logged
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