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I just watched a replay of that play and the crowd looked like their grandma just died. I can't imagine being there.

Those of you that were there, what was it like in the stands and the streets after the game? Just an insane throw by Kordell Stewart.

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Hardest loss I think I've witnessed live.

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I remember my friends and I saying that we would be seeing that replay forever. I hope that forever is still a long way away, but I see that replay far too often still.

Stewart was an amazing player though. I think in the right system he could have been a more successful QB.

That loss hurt less than Toledo though. For my money that was the absolute nadir.

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I was there as a student. Crushing.

Had a friend visiting from Northwestern. He wasn't a hardcore sports guy so he says the stupidest thing possible - "Well at least it was a good game". I almost punched him right there.

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I was first game ever. I was 7 years old. I still remember the lady behind me saying the game is over. The game my father says "im a Michigan fan I have seen us lose way too many games we shouldn't have its not over" then it happened. I didn't talk the whole way home and I remember holding back tears. The next game my dad chose to take me to was Memphis, to ensure I saw a Michigan win.

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I grew up a Buffs fan, but that was as quiet as I have heard 103,000 people (the 3000+ CU fans went nuts). I had 11 answering machine messages from people I went to high school with. It was truly like a funeral in that stadium, but with more shock.

Truly surreal, but on a better note, none of my high school classmates wanted to talk about the 1996 or 1997 matchups with the Buffs. Funny.

Posted on 9/29 1:02 AM | IP: Logged

Freshman year - I remember mumbling something dumb like "I guess you can't win 'em all" and thinking I was going to get my teeth knocked down my throat.

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I can tell you that I was numb driving back across the Golden Gate Bridge afterwards, and for once, it wasn't due to alcohol. Will never forget that feeling. Thanks for bringing it up again :)

Posted on 9/29 1:17 AM | IP: Logged

So devastating. My friend that I was at the game with, he grew up in AA, he just leaves the stadium when it happened! Remember, this is before cell phones and all - go back to his family's tailgate afterwards, everyone was asking where he was - I didn't know, he just left the stadium.
He ended up walking home several miles! We still joke about that all the time.

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So were you like, three years old? You must have an excellent memory, brah 3dGrin

Posted on 9/29 1:44 AM | IP: Logged

I was in shock after the game...

Two of my buddies had to pretty much drag me out of the stadium.

Afterwards, I just sat under a tree (some say I was gnawing on one of the branches) until another buddy of mine's wife tried to tell me it was just a game. I am embarrassed at my actions after that moment...lets just say a football near me found the same precision and velocity of that final pass...

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The stadium was turned in to an instant morgue! I don't even remember the
Colorado fans making any noise as they were as stunned as we were.

Posted on 9/29 2:48 AM | IP: Logged

It was horrible. Felt like a kick in the gut.

Posted on 9/29 3:18 AM | IP: Logged

was stunned. Will never forget that feeling.......ever.

Posted on 9/29 4:19 AM | IP: Logged

Hell yes. I'm so tired of seeing replays as it still hurts.

I told the ND fan in front of me this year that he too will remember that game as I remember the CU game and will quickly grow tired of all the replays on ESPN Classic.

Posted on 9/29 5:11 AM | IP: Logged

Since then, I cringe every time I hear the overrated chant...

Posted on 9/29 5:18 AM | IP: Logged

To silence in a matter of seconds. Was like a bomb went off. I remember watching the CU players rushing the field and praying for a flag. Everyone just looked at the field stunned like their brains had been removed. It was wild....

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Posted on 9/29 5:47 AM | IP: Logged

it was a bad day all around.

Posted on 9/29 6:08 AM | IP: Logged

Winners became instant losers and losers became instant winners.

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Posted on 9/29 6:18 AM | IP: Logged

Thanks for reopening that wound for me. I will never forget that game. I remember Colorado fans just going nuts on the golf course after the game while Michigan fans kind of wispered to each other with heads hung.

Posted on 9/29 6:28 AM | IP: Logged

There, it sucked.

Posted on 9/29 6:35 AM | IP: Logged

with her when he released it. Knew what was going to happen as soon as he let it go (think I yelled F%&K into the phone) when it was in the air. Needless to say the date didn't go all that well and she is now married to my old roommate.

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Posted on 9/29 6:54 AM | IP: Logged

It was crazy, felt like there was no way that just happened. Part of the reason the crowd was silent was 1. because that play just happened, but 2. a lot of the fans had already left because the game was thought to be in hand.

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Posted on 9/29 7:07 AM | IP: Logged

I'm glad they put up the new basketball center because after the Colorado game I just laid in the grass there, I couldn't believe what had happened.

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Posted on 9/29 7:15 AM | IP: Logged

I can't even tell you what it was like around me. I was completely, utterly, silent and sat in the stands for quite some time just numb. Came in from out of town with a friend, that was his first and (as it turned out) last Michigan game. We walked all the way back down town, I never said a word, and I somewhat recall he just kept muttering cuss words every now and again.

I had bought a brand new, stiff, fitted, traditional Block M ball cap before the game, and we were somewhere back in downtown when in a fit of rage I lifted off my head and slammed it straight down. No kidding, the damn thing bounced straight back up and landed in my hands. I laughed, put it on, and went on with the evening.

Posted on 9/29 7:15 AM | IP: Logged

So, my buddy was thrilled, of course. My other weekly seatmates had joined into the "overrated" chant with 5:00 min to go and I warned that I had seen UM lose to Miami in a similar situation so wait until it is over. No kidding.

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Posted on 9/29 7:35 AM | IP: Logged

in that endzone on goalline. Rough ride home.

Posted on 9/29 7:42 AM | IP: Logged

I was long out of school at that point

Posted on 9/29 7:42 AM | IP: Logged

and I was probably 60 rows up in the opposite end zone.


Posted on 9/29 7:47 AM | IP: Logged

ball caught right in front of me. endzone crowd went instantly from very loud and celebratory to uniformly silent and stunned. one of those hard-to-believe-it-happened, unforgetable moments.

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Posted on 9/29 7:54 AM | IP: Logged

when it hit Law/receiver and bounced up, you could see Westbrook behind them, you could see what was going to happen. Stunned crowd in a comma walking out. Very tough loss, they had just beaten Notre Dame on Remy's last second FG. Colo was pretty highly ranked, Mich had about a 12 point lead and a *good* team. Later in the season lost at home to the undefeated PSU team in a very good CFB game. Another year of what COULD have been.....

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Posted on 9/29 8:01 AM | IP: Logged

I brought a friend who was a huge Colorado fan whose brother was doing the play by play that day for the Buff's. My buddy was jumping around and screaming, of course.

Posted on 9/29 8:15 AM | IP: Logged

air and the Colorado receivers behind our secondary was that they were going to catch the ball cleanly. Our secondary got back, but was still out of position for the bounce.

The other posts do a good job of describing the haunting silence of that moment. An absolutely surreal scene. That team and that coach never recovered.

Frankly, the fan base never recovered until the refs blue the final whistle in Pasadena 3 years later.

Posted on 9/29 8:16 AM | IP: Logged

i didn't sleep for two nights

Posted on 9/29 8:23 AM | IP: Logged

I was there. Was worse than Miami in 1987.

Imagine the end of the ND game and think complete opposite. AA was a morgue that night.

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Posted on 9/29 8:25 AM | IP: Logged

sitting 6 rows up and watched it happen right in front of me. Saw a lot of great ones from 1979 to 1994 then moved away.

Posted on 9/29 8:30 AM | IP: Logged

quite near where Colorado had the ball at before the pass. My parents are both Nebraska alums so I had seen a lot of Big 8 football before that game. So my buddy who I was sitting next to me said, 'Can he throw the ball that far?' and I said 'There is no way he can throw the ball that far.' Needless to say I didn't go into a career of scouting football, and that was the a tough one to swallow.

Then the next year I left the stadium early during the Virginia game, only to hear the crowd's reaction to the touchdown pass from the street next to the IM building. Tough couple of games as a fan for me.

Posted on 9/29 8:39 AM | IP: Logged

It was like all the air in the stadium was sucked out. Worst experience I have ever had at the Big House.

Posted on 9/29 8:43 AM | IP: Logged

The Ricky Foggie Minnesota game was worse.

Posted on 9/29 9:06 AM | IP: Logged

Yup. I think it was the beginning of the end for one of my favorite Michigan coaches, Gary Moeller.

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