2015 Big Ten schedules detailed

John Beilein's team proved to be road warriors during the present conference season, knocking off Minnesota, Nebraka, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State and Purdue so far away from Crisler Arena. A recently released 2015 slate doesn't appear as daunting.
The Big Ten came out with its distribution of "skip games," and it appears to play out very well for the Wolverines. Michigan plays home and away games against Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State and Rutgers.
The Wolverines travel to Indiana, Maryland, Penn State and Purdue without return trips by those teams to Crisler Center.
It's the home-only games that raise an eyebrow. Michigan gets Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin at Crisler Arena, without having to make trips to those four venues. The Wolverines got blown out at Iowa this year, and needed to hang on for dear life in wins at Nebraska and Wisconsin, their win at the Kohl Center their first since 1999.
Here is the complete list of game distribution, released by the Big Ten:
Home: Indiana, Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers
Away: Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio State, Wisconsin
Home/Away: Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue
Home: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Penn State
Away: Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern, Wisconsin
Home/Away: Maryland, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Rutgers
Home: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan State, Rutgers
Away: Indiana, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue
Home/Away: Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin
Home: Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Wisconsin
Away: Illinois, Iowa, Ohio State, Purdue
Home/Away: Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers
Home: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin
Away: Indiana, Maryland, Penn State, Purdue
Home/Away: Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Rutgers
Home: Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue
Away: Iowa, Nebraska, Rutgers, Wisconsin
Home/Away: Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Northwestern
Home: Illinois, Northwestern, Ohio State, Rutgers
Away: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State
Home/Away: Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin
Home: Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern, Rutgers
Away: Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue
Home/Away: Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Home: Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue
Away: Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rutgers
Home/Away: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin
Home: Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, Wisconsin
Away: Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Rutgers
Home/Away: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue
Home: Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Purdue
Away: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern
Home/Away: Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers, Wisconsin
Home: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska
Away: Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State, Wisconsin
Home/Away: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers
Home: Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin
Away: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska
Home/Away: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue
Home: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue
Away: Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers
Home/Away: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State