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Aidan Hutchinson not weary of Florida heat factoring into game preparation

Florida weather in December is certainly not like Michigan by any means. When the Wolverines face off against Georgia in the semi-finals of the College Football Playoff, it'll do so in an open-air stadium, Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami during the Orange Bowl.

While the heat will be something different for the U-M program to consider, defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson is not worried about the heat making an impact on game preparation.

“I don’t think so," Hutchinson said when asked if the Florida heat will change how he paces himself. "It’s nice being out here and definitely going to have to get used to it at first for a little bit. Come Friday we’re rolling, and nothing is going to stop me.

"I’ll just have to get used to it at first. I’m used to being in Michigan, so I’m used to the cold weather but it’s good to be down here. I think this weather will be good.”

While Hutchinson won't let the climate stop him, he'll be faced with the task of attempting to stop the Bulldogs' offense.

Not an easy task by any means but one that the Wolverines' defense will be prepared for. Even with the lights shining just a little bit brighter on New Year's Eve.

“They have a talented offense and a lot of solid players," Hutchinson said. "But I think if we just execute and just do our jobs and don’t get too hyped up in the moment. We’re going to be just fine, and I think we’ll have a lot of success if we just hone in and focus on our jobs and don’t let the moment get too big.”


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