Audio: Hoke says Denard Robinson is staying

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke's second conversation with sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson went very well. Robinson told Hoke he'd be staying at the school, the coach told The Huge Show's Bill Simonson today after Hoke met with 30 of his new players.
"We've had really positive and great conversations," said Hoke. "One thing I can tell you is he wants to have a Michigan degree when he's done here. He wants to be a guy who is part of a great football team and part of that great tradition."
Simonson asked Hoke point blank if Robinson told him he'd be staying at Michigan.
"Yes," he said. "Yes. We've had great conversations. He is a tremendous young man. The humbleness he has shown is something. We're proud to have him here, obviously."
Hoke said he still hasn't had the opportunity to evaluate everything in the program yet.
"The recruiting part of it - that's an important piece right now," he said. "Those guys who have been committed, making sure [they know] we want them at the University. The other part of it is your team and the guys that are here. I had an opportunity to talk with about 30 of them today. Through the weekend, I'm going to sit down with every one of them, talk about our vision and passion for Michigan football, the toughness we want to have as a program."
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