Audio More: Drake Harris on The Huge Show II

Michigan wide receiver pledge Drake Harris (6-4,'s No. 54 junior prospect nationally) is already breaking records at a steady clip, but he should continue to improve now that he's only concentrating on one sport. Harris talks about his potential and more in Part II of his interview with The Huge Show's Bill Simonson …
Drake Harris, Part II
Both Drake Harris and his father, Mike Harris, admitted they were impressed by Ohio State's presentation.
"That's [Michigan's] biggest rival," Mike Harris said with a laugh. "You could feel it. You walk in and they have a whole wall dedicated to 'The Game.' It's a big rivalry. At the end of the day, whatever colors, Michigan or Ohio, it's what's the right fit for Drake. That's what we want for him as a family.
"Drake knows I'm going to support him regardless. I thought in the end, when he just chose football and looked at everything, looked around at Brady Hoke and staff, the kids, he understood Michigan is Michigan and they have everything to offer. Michigan is back. I hate to tell [opposing fans], but a lot of great things are going to happen the next several years. We saw it with basketball, and look at it in football with the recruiting classes the last two years."
OSU head coach Urban Meyer seemed sincere, both Drake and Mike Harris said, and the visit to Columbus was impressive. The vibe he got following Michigan's spring game a day later, however, was one he couldn't ignore.
Harris was ready to get the process over with, and he was certain Michigan was where he wanted to be. He'll take some summer classes so he can finish high school early and enroll at U-M in January.
"The recruiting process was a good feeling at first, but it gets really stressful," he said. "I had to call coaches basically every night, and they were twitter and Facebook messaging me. That was another reason why I wanted to get it over with, and I know that's the right place for me to be.
"I feel like they will put me in the right positions to have me succeed in college. I'll be an outside receiver - a deep threat. I can get the ball underneath and make things happen also. I'm 6-4 but I'm 4.39 in 40. I'll go to a couple camps this summer and I'll be working out all the time, getting stronger, working on technique, running routes, working with my quarterback."
That's something he hasn't done in the past, usually playing AAU basketball in lieu of football training. As good as Harris has been as a receiver, some analysts believe he has the makings of the state's best prep receiver ever now that he's chosen football full time.
Mike Harris agrees with his son's decision wholeheartedly, and he was even more firmly on board after sitting down with Hoke.
"I wanted to look him in the eye man to man. He talked about how he's not going anywhere, this is his dream job, and we truly believe that," he said. "You trust that when your son comes here he'll get a great education and Coach Hoke will be in his corner.
"I don't want him to be anywhere where it's football only and education is second, because there are a lot of programs out there like that - and I'm not saying the other schools on his list were like that. But we want him to be where the coach cares about the 12th guy, too, not just the first 11. Everything Drake has is a blessing, but no one knows what will happen tomorrow."
As of now, however, the future is bright, both for Drake Harris and Michigan football.
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