Beilein: U-M will always win with class, lose with class

Michigan head coach John Beilein refused comment on IU coach Tom Crean's bizarre antics following a fortunate, 72-71 Hoosiers win that clinched an outright Big Ten title. He did, however, praise assistant coach Jeff Meyer for the poise he showed when Crean ran at Meyer and berated him during the Hoosiers' celebration.
Beilein didn't see the event happen live, but he did see it on film.
"Jeff and I discussed it afterward," Beilein said. "I'm not going to comment on another coach or university. I will say that Michigan is always going to win with class and lose with class. We're never going to use victory or defeat as a platform for any frustrations we're going to have.
"I'm really proud of the way Jeff showed great poise in the aftermath of that difficult loss - he's helped us build this program brick-by-brick, side-by-side with me. I'm glad he's on our sideline."
Crean said on his teleconference that he'd apologized to Meyer. Beilein wouldn't confirm it, only restating, "We're going to win with class and we're going to lose with class."
Beilein said he continues to be amazed at the fan support and the atmosphere in Crisler Center, one "you couldn't touch." He also praised his team's defensive effort, though he was disappointed with the 53-30 rebounding margin.
"It's a shame when we defend so well and they just come in and get a layup after it," Beilein said. "It happened over and over again. But as a coaching staff, a team, we've got to find a way to get better in that area."
Redshirt junior Jordan Morgan's missed tip-in with seconds remaining hung on the rim for what seemed like an eternity. Neither that nor sophomore Trey Burke and junior Tim Hardaway's missed free throws at the end prevented the win, Beilein insisted.
"It wasn't blown on the free throws," Beilein said. "You lose a game like that, it is lost possession by possession earlier in the game. We had two guys at the foul line who have won so many games at the foul line for us. We'll never put it on those guys, that's for sure. There were other things earlier in the game we've got to be better at. That falls on the coach."
Beilein wouldn't dispute a questionable call that looked like an intentional foul by Christian Watford on Glenn Robinson III late in the game.
"I think they looked at the monitor," Beilein said. "We had a good crew today - they called it a two-shot foul. We were 6-of-13. There are a bunch of things that didn't go our way, or we didn't make them go our way."
Beilein said he didn't see much difference in playing three or four games in the Big Ten Tournament. Michigan will face Penn State Thursday, Wisconsin Friday if they Wolverines win.
"For those guys, there's going to be some major rehab," he said of the week. "We have to plan this week carefully to make sure we stay sharp but don't waste our legs in practice. But three, four, it's all the same. I don't believe there's any difference. They're both hard to win."