Breaking down the Big Ten race


Let's take a closer look at the five teams who have a realistic shot at the title:

Michigan State

Wins Over RPI Top 50: Seven 67-64 over Kansas (No. 6); 74-70 over Boise State (No. 43); 59-56 over Ohio State (No. 23); 49-47 over Wisconsin (No. 33); 80-75 over Illinois (No. 25); 61-50 over Minnesota (No. 13); 75-52 over Michigan (No. 5)

Worst Loss: The Spartans opened the season with a 66-62 loss to Connecticut, who currently ranks No. 26 in the RPI standings.

Remaining Home Schedule: Feb. 19 vs. Indiana; March 7 vs. Wisconsin; March 10 vs. Northwestern.

Remaining Road Schedule: Feb. 16 at Nebraska; Feb. 24 at Ohio State; March 2 at Michigan.

Thoughts: The Spartans played very well against the Hoosiers at Assembly Hall and should be able to pull off the win Feb. 19 at the Breslin Center. That would be a huge victory for their Big Ten title hopes.

If Michigan State wins out at home, which is definitely doable, at least a share of the conference crown is almost assured, even with losses at Ohio State and Michigan. The Spartans' win last night definitely set them up for a banner.


Wins Over RPI Top 50: Six 82-72 over Georgetown (No. 21); 83-59 over North Carolina (No. 36); 88-81 over Minnesota (No. 13); 75-70 over Michigan State (No. 7); 81-73 over Michigan (No. 5); 81-68 over Ohio State (No. 23).

Worst Loss: The Hoosiers lost at home, 65-59, at Wisconsin, who ranks No. 33 in the current RPI standings (Jan. 15).

Remaining Home Schedule: Feb. 13 vs. Nebraska; Feb. 16 vs. Purdue; March 2 vs. Iowa; March 5 vs. Ohio State.

Remaining Road Schedule: Feb. 19 at Michigan State; Feb. 26 at Minnesota; March 10 at Michigan.

Thoughts: The Hoosiers must protect home court. If they drop one of their four remaining home games, they will be fighting to earn a share of the Big Ten title.

Of all the remaining title contenders, Indiana has the toughest road ahead. Two road losses and an undefeated home slate would most likely mean at least a share of the Big Ten crown. But if the Spartans, Gophers and Wolverines all win home games vs. Indiana, the Hoosiers may be on the outside looking in.


Wins Over RPI Top 50: Five 74-51 over Illinois (No. 25); 64-59 over Indiana (No. 11); 45-44 over Minnesota (No. 13); 74-68 over Illinois (No. 25); 65-62 over Michigan (No. 5).

Worst Loss: The Badgers lost 70-66 at Iowa, who ranks 91st in the RPI standings (Jan. 19).

Remaining Home Schedule: Feb. 17 vs. Ohio State; Feb. 26 vs. Nebraska; March 2 vs. Purdue.

Remaining Road Schedule: Feb. 14 at Minnesota; Feb. 20 at Northwestern; March 7 at Michigan State; March 10 at Penn State.

Thoughts: If the Badgers lose their next game - at Minnesota - their title hopes may be dashed. That would give them four losses, with games against Ohio State and Michigan State still on the docket.


Wins Over RPI Top 50: Six 67-62 over Pitt (No. 29); 71-57 over Kansas State (No. 22); 79-72 over North Carolina State (No. 17); 83-75 over Minnesota (No. 13); 74-60 over Illinois (No. 25); 76-74 over Ohio State (No. 23).

Worst Loss: The Wolverines lost 65-62 at Wisconsin, which ranks No. 33 in the current RPI standings (Feb. 9).

Remaining Home Schedule: Feb. 17 vs. Penn State; Feb. 24 vs. Illinois; March 2 vs. Michigan State; March 10 vs. Indiana.

Remaining Road Schedule: Feb. 27 at Penn State; March 6 at Purdue

Thoughts: By going 1-3 in the last four games, Michigan gave itself very little room for error. Luckily, the schedule definitely lightens up from here.

Michigan has some time to regroup over the next two weeks, and should been Penn State (twice) and Illinois before things ramp up again. If the Wolverines want to finish off the regular season with a Big Ten title, they will likely have to win out - especially the two games they have remaining against fellow title chasers, vs. Michigan State and Indiana.

Ohio State

Wins Over RPI Top 50: Two 56-53 over Michigan (No. 5); 58-49 over Wisconsin (No. 33).

Worst Loss: The Buckeyes lost 74-55 at Illinois, who ranks No. 25 in the current RPI standings (Jan. 5).

Remaining Home Schedule: Feb. 14 vs. Northwestern; Feb. 20 vs. Minnesota; Feb. 24 vs. Michigan State; March 10 vs. Illinois.

Remaining Road Schedule: Feb. 17 at Wisconsin; Feb. 28 at Northwestern; March 5 at Indiana.

Thoughts: Another loss will likely drop the Buckeyes from the title chase, and there are definitely a few doozies still remaining. Ohio State may be on the outside looking in for the Big Ten regular season championship.