Brennen Beyer talks move to linebacker with video

Michigan coaches have touted freshman Brennen Beyer of Plymouth (Mich.) as one who has shown promise in the early going, but he'll have to be a quick learner to see the field. Beyere has moved to SAM linebacker from defensive end, a new experience.
"It's a change because I haven't really played that before, but it's fun trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can," Beyer said. "I'm trying to learn the plays and practice as hard as I can. I'm focused on learning the play books, trying to get the plays down."
There are challenges, he added.

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"Pass dropping, for one. I've never done that before," he said. "Playing while standing up … that's a little different. I'm trying to adjust, but it's going well so far, I think."
Beyer also played tight end in high school, so covering them presents an interesting challenge. His experience on both sides of the ball has prepared him for it, though, and he continues to adjust to the speed of the game.
"I did run a lot of pass routes, so that helps me out," he said. "Maybe you can think ahead of them sometimes, guess where they're going. But there's still a whole new side of things I've got to learn.
"It's been a little more than I expected. Everyone is faster, bigger and a lot stronger. It takes getting used to. It's a lot different, really, than high school."
So far, he added, the camp attitude has been great.
"Everyone is really excited," he said. "There's a really good atmosphere around the camp and we're having fun, working hard. It's great right now. Talking to a lot of guys on the team, they are having a good time going through practice. We're getting on each other to work as hard as we can."