Drake Harris not worried about hamstring injury

Wide receiver Drake Harris sat out his entire senior season with a hamstring injury, and now, four weeks into his first spring practice at Michigan, the early enrollee has been sidelined again.
The 6-4, 180-pounder wasn't panicking when he spoke to the media on Tuesday. For one thing, the injured hamstring has occurred in a different spot than last fall (though the same leg), and for another, he has a proven team of medical and conditioning personnel to work with at Michigan.
"It's getting a little better. I'm rehabbing it. It's nothing too major," said Harris. "I'm going to sit out for the rest of spring since there's only one more practice and then the game. I'm getting stronger in the weight room and just trying to come back.
"It's pretty frustrating but I played basically the whole spring, learned a lot. I just have to stay focused and keep positive."
One of two receivers to arrive in January, along with Freddy Canteen, Harris had his moments in practices before shutting it down, noting he caught a few touchdown passes and was regularly a target for U-M's quarterbacks.
"I have good hands. I can stretch the field. I'm a pretty big receiver," he said, looking every bit the 6-4 he's listed at. "Once I get back with my hamstring feeling better I know I have pretty good speed."
Harris and his six classmates spoke to the media this evening, each one bursting with excitement. This spring has provided a terrific opportunity for the rookies to adjust to college life, school, and the competitive level of football.
"The game is more up-tempo," Harris said. "Everyone is fast at this level. You have to outthink everyone and do your assignment.
"We're all learning. The upperclassmen are helping us out. It's going good. It was hard at first but now we're starting to get the hang of it.
"Coming in with all the mid-year freshmen it's great just going through the learning process. Even with the academics, and all that stuff, this is a great jumpstart for everyone in our class. This will help us out a lot for the summer."
But only if he's healthy. Some may be fretting, but Harris isn't one of them.
"The way I felt it this time was a lot different from when I had the injury in high school, and I know it's nothing major," he said.