From the Film Room: Ty Isaac

Ty Isaac will be wearing the winged helmet this fall and that's good news for Michigan fans, current analyst Doug Skene opines after watching film of the tailback at USC.
Skene, a former All-Big Ten offensive lineman and three-year analyst for, watched this video (courtesy of MGoVideo) of Isaac representing every offensive touch he had in 2013.
Strengths: Size and speed are always a powerful package and Isaac is blessed with both. His willingness to
put his shoulder down and grind out and extra yard is fun to watch. Fans may not agree but the tough three- or four-yard runs are just as impressive as any longer runs. Isaac has pretty good vision for the running lane and nice hands out of the backfield.
Areas of Improvement: How does he block??? This is the most important question that has to be asked in order to evaluate how much of an impact he could have on the Michigan offense. Michigan is in desperate need of a back that can block blitzing linebackers and safeties. If Isaac is the blocker his size and strength should allow him to be, he will see the field a lot.
Michigan Player Comparison - Tyrone Wheatley (1991-94): Isaac reminds me so much of T-Wheat with his running style and speed for such a big kid.
The Bottom Line: Adding a talent like Isaac to the running back room is going to tighten the margin of error for all the other guys already in that room. This coaching staff has done a really good job of stocking that position with deeply talented players and all with a slightly different style and strength. A highly-competitive position group is always a good thing for the team.
If Isaac can get a waiver to play this fall, I expect to see him get right in there and make an immediate impact. Even if he has to sit out a year, Michigan is better for getting this player.