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Jim Harbaugh discusses the origins of the trick play against Ohio State

Michigan showed that it wasn't afraid of the Ohio Stadium atmosphere, that the moment wasn't too big for any player in the game.

Neither were the coaching staff, as head coach Jim Harbaugh told reporters after the game that the Wolverines had "emptied the playbook" during the Wolverines' 45-23 victory over the Buckeyes on Saturday.

Part of that emptying of the playbook was calling a trick play in a crucial moment. With the Wolverines driving in the fourth quarter, Kalel Mullings, a linebacker converted to running back this week, threw the ball to find a wide-open Luke Schoonmaker to extend the drive.

According to Harbaugh, it was something that was worked on all week. Quite like the screen pass to Isaiah Gash, it was a play intended for Blake Corum.

With Corum unable to go at that point of the game, the coaching staff trusted Mullings to to get it done with little experience with the play.

He certainly delivered.

"It's a play we worked on," Harbaugh said. "They were really crowding the line of scrimmage. It's a play we've saved for the entire year, really built up for it. It's a Blake Corum play, he's had the msot reps on it. With Kalel kind of auditioning, just felt like he was the one to throw it. So very few reps that he had, what a guy. There's nobody that will do more for the team than Kalel Mullings. Running back, linebacker, then we brought him back to running back early in August to really be a big back for us. Nikhai Hill-Green got hurt, so we had to keep Kalel at linebacker."

Mullings had received plenty of praise with his play at running back during the spring, thinking there was a fit there, he had to be brought back to the linebacker group to add to the depth chart.

This week, however, Mullings was brought back over to offense to help out with the depth with Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards limited.

It didn't take long for Mullings to adjust, according to Harbaugh.

"This week, brought Kalel back to the offensive side," Harbaugh said. "About two or three days into it, of practice, you could see he was getting back into the form he was in during August. Also, liked the way he was throwing the ball. But he just executed it really good. What we saw was just how tight they were playing to the line of scrimmage. A great job by Schoony adjusting the ball."