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Jim Harbaugh is balancing practice, rest in bye week preparation for MSU

Michigan football is in a precarious position heading into the bye week. On one hand, the program has deserved some much-needed rest as the Wolverines are 7-0 and need some time to rest bumps and bruises. On the other hand, the Wolverines have a date with the Michigan State Spartans set for next week and a two-game losing streak to MSU looming over its head.

It's a delicate balance, for sure, but U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh has made it clear what the focus is going to be this week.

It's all about the Spartans.

"We're going to practice, though, four times this week," Harbaugh said on Inside Michigan Football this week. "It's all going to be Michigan State except the practices we do for the young guys. We also want to get those guys getting reps, playing football and getting good at football. Taking advantage of that this week. It's all going to be getting ready for that game."

Despite the increased focus on the week ahead, Harbaugh has allowed himself some time to reflect on what the team has done through seven weeks.

He is pleased with what the team has done but Harbaugh doesn't call a bye week an 'improvement week' for no reason.

There's plenty of things left to do.

"Undefeated," Harbaugh replied when asked what he has learned about his team. "Done so many good things. I think it's been the work ethic, the improvement from the guys. When you're working like that, it really improved the togetherness of the entire team because they see themselves improving both physically and mental toughness. Also athletically, you look at game one to game seven, the athleticism of the team, all those things, have been getting better and improving. Want to keep that going. Get a week in where we can get refreshed and even healthier. Get ready for Michigan State and the stretch run."