McGary, Robinson III, Hardaway still gathering information

"This is Trey's day," Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer said after sophomore point guard Trey Burke declared for the NBA draft. That didn't stop the questions about Tim Hardaway Jr., Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary's futures.
Head coach John Beilein tackled most of them, noting there were still two weeks to go before his trio of standouts had to make up their own minds on whether to stay or go.
"I have no timeline, other than I expect to get some reports shortly that will help guide us," Beilein said of contacting the NBA draft advisory board. "My staff has talked with some of the players. Trey and I will go to Oklahoma City Monday for the Oscar Robertson Trophy, so that will be another time I'll be away from my team."
No rest for the weary, in other words, but no complaints from Beilein.
"It's all good stuff," he said.
Hardaway, Robinson, McGary and the rest of the team were present at Burke's presser to support their teammate, as were the assistant coaches. None of the players were made available to comment on their futures.
Assistant coach Bacari Alexander, however, did say he'd have a few words of advice for each of them.
"It's private on some level, but when you look at the way Trey Burke went about the information gathering stages that led to his decision a year later, there's a great template there to mimic as he's going through his decision making process," Alexander said. "Sometimes when you try to give advice or provide mentorship to players who have reached an elite level of performance and opportunities come, you want to make sure they are making decisions that are good for their long term stability, not just an impulsive decision."
Burke said he nearly did that last year, though he denied having one foot out the door. He was happy he stayed, and he said he'd do his part to help his teammates with their own decisions.
Beilein, too, is doing his part. He submitted paperwork to the board for each of his players while also helping his staff conduct its own research. All three have until April 28 to declare early for the NBA draft.
"We're still getting the information," Beilein said. "Before we can get any feel for them, we have to sit down and gather as much as we can. With Trey, we did all this homework ahead of time so we could just fill in the blanks with a few people that do know this business. That made the decision for him much easier."
They'll lean heavily on that information in advising the kids, Alexander added.
"That wasn't there 10 years ago. Now you have that," he said. "In addition to that, you also have reasons and visions you paint as a coach as to what the future looks like here at Michigan. Our young people here at Michigan are in an environment where we relentlessly strive to be leaders and best in every way. The resources, the excitement, the commitment from the fan base, the academic support are things that excite our young guys and might keep them in the program."
Most analysts consider Hardaway a second round pick, while some have begged Robinson and McGary mid-to-late first round picks. Many have said they'd all benefit from another year in school, but it will likely be several days before the three make their intentions known.