Media Day Video: Defensive lineman Willie Henry

Redshirt sophomore defensive lineman Willie Henry burst onto the scene last year rather unexpectedly and was a very pleasant surprise up front for the Wolverines. Now as one of the more experienced interior defensive linemen Henry hopes to expand his role and produce even more than he did last year. He discusses what he's been working on to make that happen.
"I've been working hands. Transitioning from run to pass, for play action. Get offs. Getting in better shape so I can play more downs and play more to help the team," Henry listed. "It's the small things. Even helping the young guys come along, like Maurice Hurst, that might have to come in and play. Bryan Mone, just trying to help my teammates along will also help the D this year to keep everybody up to be the best team possible."
Henry was quick to identify the main goal of the defensive line group this season. In a phrase, there's no place like home.
"Getting after the quarterback," he said firmly. "We put a lot of effort into getting after the quarterback and pressuring them. The thing is we have to stop the run first before we get those sacks. Our main thing is getting sacks and getting home. We gotta get home."