Michigan has six new additions who hope to play this fall, including a pair of transfers. Many have made great impressions in one way or another.

Assistant coach Phil Martelli dished on the newcomers recently ... his comments and thoughts on them follow:

Chaundee Brown: The Wake Forest transfer is expected to get his waiver, though you never know with the NCAA. As reported last week, it’s in the final stages of what they hope will be approval.

“Chaundee … you know how people will say, ‘that dude’s a man?’ Well, he’s got a man’s body and a man’s approach to the game,” Martelli said. “It’s healthy for all of us to remember that the freshmen, like Terrance Williams, are 18 or 19. Chaundee is 22, and he’s been through college.

“He can really score the ball … can really, really, really score. He had a great body, and while I think he needs to improve as a long-range shooter, he has a good, healthy IQ, which you need to play in this style. You have to have a high IQ.”

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