My Wish story airs on ESPN

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The story of Stephen Loszewski and his special recruiting trip to Michigan brought tears to the eyes of many a few weeks ago. ESPN aired a segment on the young man whose battle against leukemia eventually put him in The Big House.

Here is the segment, available on Dream Come True.

Loszewski noted, while in Ann Arbor: "As far as my history with Michigan, it's been the team I've been raised on, the team I've supported my entire life. It's the team I've watched whenever I was in the hospital. They are the team that has always found a way to inspire me, through some of their ideals and the toughest games they've had to go through."

Michigan football is the first college athletic program to participate in the "My Wish" series. Loszewski and his family not only received a visit from former U-M All-American offensive lineman Jake Long in their Missouri home, they made their way to Michigan for a mock recruiting trip. Stephen met with the players and coaches, and he got to share time with Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard, who flew in especially for the event.

"They have our hearts," noted Kristi Loszewski, Stephen's mom, said of Michigan football. "They've blown our minds. You just can't put words on it."