National Championship tickets toughest in recent history

Want to see Michigan play for a National Championship tonight against Louisville in Atlanta? You're not alone. Thousands of Wolverines fans have made the trip, many without tickets and still searching, to see U-M compete for its first title since 1989.
Some notes:
Tickets to the 2013 NCAA Tournament Championship Game are well on their way to ranking as the most expensive title game tickets for college hoops since 2011. The average price of all tickets sold for tonight's game is $538 - over twice as much as the average price of last year's Kentucky vs. Kansas game ($238 average price) and roughly $180 more expensive than tickets to the 2011 game (Butler vs. UConn).
Unlike past NCAA Tournament Championship games, the average price for tickets paid to the title game increased rapidly after the marquee final of Louisville vs. Michigan was set. The average price of a title game ticket averaged between $300 and $400 most days last week, but prices shot up in to the $600 range after Saturday's games.
In fact, the average price paid in the last 24 hours for championship games tickets was $783 - a reflection of the robust prices being paid for prime lower-level tickets to tonight's game. Many of those tickets are still selling for $1,000 or more as of today.
For those interested in simply getting into the building, there are still some more affordable options available. As of now, the lowest price for a ticket into the game was $246 for a seat in Section 314, Row 13. Last minute tickets in the lower level sections of the Georgia Dome start around $459 for a seat in the very last row of Section 109 (Row 35).
As for those who want to see the action close up, seats are available but you better have your AMEX ready, because they're quite expensive! You can still sit on the very front row of Section 133, but that ticket will cost you a whopping $1,442. That price is more than double the average price of all of Michigan's 2012 home football games, which in aggregate cost $710 on average.
Last minute information on pricing and availability for NCAA Tournament Final tickets can be found on SeatGeek's event page for the game: