News and Views: Beilein talks NBA, more

Michigan head coach John Beilein is trying to figure out what to do with himself now that the season is over. He met with the media today to discuss his potential NBA players and more -
News: Several Wolverines are still waiting to hear back from the NBA Draft advisory committee after having Beilein ask for their evaluations.
Beilein: "We have not had anything back yet, but we have talked with them all, and that's about all I'll say.
"As we go through the process, we will continue to give as much info as it comes in from the advisory counsel and others in pro basketball that can advise us. I can't say we're meeting every day, but as it comes in and we work at getting it in, here's what everybody is saying.
Views: It's not getting easier, Beilein said, but it is something they're comfortable navigating through having done it before.
"It's very fluid and there's a lot of emotion in it," he said. "You just try to help them make educated decisions. I'm comfortable with it, because it's part of the game and here to stay. You have no choice. They're going to be swayed in different ways by the ones that have more access to them."
Eventually, it's up to them to figure out who to trust.
"You hope during the course of their education they are looking at things from a much broader perspective than some guy projecting the NBA draft in his basement living with his mother. We say, 'okay, this is what the NBA says, what you should look at it.'
"I don't think one of our guys that supposedly had opportunities to leave regrets staying or believes any of that about how their stock has dropped. They are trying to get better every day and focused on that."
We'll find out soon enough who stays and who goes, and the only real surprise would be if Nik Stauskas stayed.
News: Michigan's assistant coaches are also going to be in demand, considered some of the best in the business.
Beilein: "We'll have meetings at the end of this year as a staff. That's very personal between them and myself. We talk to them about opportunities when the coaching carousel is going on and we have discussions about who got what job and why they did, but our guys love it here. You know when a coach is pushing and has this thirst to go here, they love working at Michigan.
"They all are in the process of being in that position. But when you're an assistant coach at Michigan, you're not looking for any job. You're looking for the one you can have success in."
Views: Some have made bad decisions over the years (MAC coaches come to mind) and have never recovered. The Michigan staff is extremely talented, and they're going to get opportunities beyond jobs few would appreciate. They're also happy where they are.
We don't expect the band to break up any time soon, and not because they're not qualified.
News: Several Wolverines have talked about staying in Ann Arbor to work on their games the way Caris LeVert and Nik Stauskas did last year.
Beilein: "There has been a major push for guys to want to be here the whole summer. We expect many of our guys will be there, though we don't have all the numbers yet. I'm not saying both summer sessions but definitely with one. We only want them taking 12 hours during the year so they can continue and graduate on time. It's completely up to them, the first session. They need time to go home as well and just get away, but it really paid off for Caris and Nik. But it's their choice."
Views: But something they will want to seriously consider if they're serious about playing time next year. There are plenty of guys vying for playing time, and as Beilein noted, they'd have 14 on scholarship if everyone came back (not likely).
They're off to a great start. Derrick Walton Jr. and Zak Irvin have had great individual workouts, and big man Mitch McGary is working himself back into shape following back surgery.
"He had a good work out yesterday, limited to 20 minutes but very good," Beilein said. "I would assume if he makes that decision [to leave], he's certainly progressing in that direction that he could [play for scouts]. And his rehab is non stop."
News: The schedule for 2014-15 isn't complete, but it will be competitive.
Beilein: "Between the [preseason] tournament, four games that will be a high level playing good teams, and then the return trip to Arizona is going to be hopefully another great basketball game. We're trying to get to the point that we'll have an ACC Big Ten challenge game here, Arizona on the road then [home and home] with someone else.
Views: Last year's schedule was appropriate for what they needed and this year's will be more challenging, Beilein said. Ideally you'd like two great home games and two great away games, but it's hard to do in this day and age.
The Wolverines will also go to Europe for another trip in August, one that includes the freshmen. They're eligible every four years, and it's that time. That will be huge for the freshmen, especially, to get the extra practice time.