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Photos Notebook: Players at Womens Academy

Michigan hosted the Women's Football Academy on Saturday, with every coach and probably 75 percent of the team in attendance. Coach Brady Hoke noted that the event is an important learning tool for his players.
Women's Academy Player Photo Feature
"We our all touched sometime in our lives by someone that has battled cancer. This is such a great day for everyone that is involved," he said. "The guys that are here want to be here, and they want to support the cancer center. They want to be a great teammate."
The players that were not there had conflicts, Hoke said, and were not simply choosing not to show up.
One player that was there and looked good, jogging around without a brace, was sophomore tight end Jake Butt. The second-year Wolverine suffered a torn ACL in the spring but he's projected to be back before September comes to an end.
"Week three, week four, someone in there," Hoke said on Butt's expected return. "I'm not the trainer nor the doctor but the kid feels really good. We have to make sure that we're doing it the right way so that he doesn't come back and then have problems.
"I think Jake Ryan was good to go [when he came back from his ACL injury after six months]. You manage the snaps and you manage those things. Everyone heals differently. The one thing they have in common is the surgeon and they are both very tough individuals that have a great mindset and are determined to come back."
Two other players coming off ACL injuries - junior nose tackle Ondre Pipkins and redshirt sophomore tailback Drake Johnson - are expected to be 100 percent by fall camp.
Meanwhile, Hoke was asked if he'd like to fast-forward the next two months but he said no.
"As a team, we need this time to grow and grow together," he said. "I like how they've gone about the summer, as far as we can tell ... with the rules we get a little time with them now."