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RB transfer Ty Isaac seeks a waiver to play in 2014

Since announcing his decision to transfer from Southern Cal last week, five-star running back Ty Isaac has laid low, but he did talk to local radio station WJOL earlier this week and gave an update on his progress.
In the interview with Program Director Scott Slocum, who hosts "Slocum in the Morning" (you can hear the entire interview here) Isaac reiterated his reason for leaving USC after one season was to tend to family matters back in Shorewood, Ill.
"Some family stuff," Isaac told Slocum. "I wasn't real comfortable with the situation being that far away. I thought it was best for me and my state to come back closer to home.
"These next few weeks I'll find my next home and we'll get to work."
The nation's No. 4 ranked running back and No. 27 player overall in the 2013 class, Isaac confirmed that he will be looking at schools in the Midwest, particularly within the Big Ten conference.
Though the 6-3, 225-pounder didn't name specific schools, Michigan is expected to receive a long look. However, if he wants to play right away - and he said he does - U-M does not fall within the 100-mile radius of his home to receive an NCAA hardship waiver, which he's seeking.
"We've spoken [to the NCAA], my parents have dealt with that more than I have and we're waiting to hear back," said Isaac in the interview.
However, he added that he will not pick a school based solely on the verdict rendered by the NCAA.
"As far as that's concerned, I don't think they [his decision and the NCAA ruling] have anything to do with each other," he shared with WJOL. "I'm trying to get my decision done -- I don't want it to be drawn out process and go until August.
"Wherever I go, the NCAA will have to make a ruling regardless."
The NCAA did revise the hardship waiver this spring, allowing players that have already redshirted and are transferring due to a hardship four years of eligibility in a six-year window as opposed to the previous four years in a five-year window. That legislation change would not affect Isaac because he played as a true freshman and would still have three seasons of eligibility remaining if he's forced to redshirt this fall.
The 100-mile radius for a hardship waiver allowing a player to compete immediately has not changed, and if playing in 2014 is Isaac's chief priority, Michigan would likely find itself finishing runner-up to Northwestern (57 miles). Illinois and Notre Dame (both 109 miles away) are also outside the radius.
TheWolverine.com will continue to cover the Isaac transfer, and turn in to Inside The Fort Friday for some insider scoop.
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